Graduation Blues

Graduation Blues

Ayiesha Perdomo, Staff Writer

While your thoughts are scrambling in at night, you toss and turn until the mercy of sleep claims you. You awake the next morning with the same foggy mist clarity about what the future holds for you. And while its unknown and exciting, it is also scary not knowing where you’re floating or landing next.

Graduation may seem like it’s the best thing that has ever happen to you, but you actually might want to rethink that again. It’s bitter sweet, like that stale tasting cranberry juice that has been on your dorm’s window seal for about a month. It’s good enough to quench the thirst but the fact still remains its old and sour.

There’s a certain sadness you know; they’re that making new friends and leaving them behind. There’s the glory of perseverance of what you think is about to become a career. I’ll have you know, that about 70 percent of college students who graduate almost never end up doing anything in their field. Most of there career fields require Master’s degree which means, guess what? Another $40,000-50,000 down the government’s drain. And while your chasing your dream, reality kicks and you find your self-needing to make ends meet. Needless to say; I have the graduation blues.

Graduation is not all bad. You start to pay your loans along with your own bills because now you are “considered an adult” (ohh!) And lets not forget the tedious process of interviewing for jobs that might be out of your reach.

“I graduated a year ago in marketing,” said Julia Henrique from SUNY Albany. “Sadly at the moment I am not doing anything that has to do with my field. Apparently no one hire’s a rookie for a marketing job. There has to be a level of expertise for us to take the risk,” is what big executive told her after interview for a Marketing position.

Shinade Ramirez is a graduate from Georgian Court University and graduated last summer with a social working degree. Unfortunately in order for  Ramirez to obtain the position she wants, she must attain a MA.

“I wanted to work in the hospital. They offered to pay for half of my education. Sadly, I’m not sure anymore if continuing my education is what I want to do. Lately, I’m not sure of anything.


And these are just the topping on your cake. But don’t get so down on me – the blues is also bitter sweet – sometimes it is what you need to realize how much you may want something. Not all sad songs are bad; sad songs will evoke emotions out of you, make you make you aware of the journey you have yet to take. And really all you need is determination and understanding that not everything might go the way you want it to go.

Once you’ve master that, rejection won’t hurt as much and dedication will come easy to you.

The time has come.

It is sunny out. Butterflies are literally eating the inside of your stomach as you pass gas next to the person in front of you. You brush it off and give the same snare face as everyone because you don’t want them to realize you’re the one with the bubble guts. You hear faded chants as the rest of the family are competing on who could display the most love. You look up at the audience and see your mother with her fully dilated eyes and intense glare takes place shortly getting interrupted by your name being called in the podium. Go on now! The unfamiliar is waiting for you.