Dorm Norm, Hotel Bells, or Commuter Mover

When asked of students where they preferred living this semester, in the dorms or hotels many gave similar opinions. “I like living in the dorms because I don’t like to travel,” says Sophomore Larry Hector. “I’m kind of lazy,” he laughs. On the Mercy College Class of 2015 website where students of Mercy join together to sell books, promote music, and bash the school’s fails at social success, a post read by Freshman, Brittanie Martin: “-Can someone tell me which is better, dorm or hotel? & which hotel?” Her reply came 46 minutes later by Junior, Tiffany Tejada who posted:

“It all depends they both have pros and cons.

Hotel- pros – full-queen size bed your own shower flat screen tv 3 out of for 4 hotels have a pool and jacuzzi
Cons- the shuttle bus its comes every hour to the renissance and to the other hotels every half hour .

Dorms – pro you can get a single double triple or quad . You are right on campus …

Cons- uncomfi beds when it needs to be hot its cold and when it needs to be cold its hot

You share a bathroom showers with alot of people.”

This was responded by two likes. Many complain that the dorms are a dry campus with a failed attempt at having fun activities for the residents to do. Others say that there are always events for any student to do if they look for it. There have been many disgruntled students who fret about Mercy’s lack of spirit and shortage of events. But many fail to check their student emails, look at bulletin boards or spread the word. In opposition, those who dorm in the hotels would have to travel to and from campus to attend any event as well as for class and to eat. While many complain which place is better to live at, the hotels feud about which hotel is the best to live at.  “I lived in the dorms my last two years,” scoffs Junior, Henry Salters. “The hotels are great because the bathroom is right there and you don’t have to share it with anyone but i’d rather be in the dorms because it’s right on campus for class. But the Hampton does have a kitchen in their room though…” With even that being an uneven issue, nothing would seem to compare to the residents in the Renaissance Hotel, which is approximately 20 minutes by chauffered bus ride. “It’s like a half hour to campus,” states Sophomore, Kristal Huff. “And the bus schedules are all messed up this year! Ugh I miss my Westchester Marriot room. Now I have to wake up even earlier.”

Traveling back and forth to campus from the hotels may seem a hassle for students who dorm and the unforseen student activities resolute with those in residential life but the group who seem to have it the worse are the commuters. “This is money I don’t have from my pockets,” says a flustered Bridget Mendez who travels to campus from the Bronx by an hour and a half bus ride. “It does keep me focused on my work no longer dorming but I miss my friends on campus.” Some who travel from boroughs far away and even out of state become upset when their professors don’t email a class cancellation on time or have to receive a half absence for being late due to weather. “Last year my professor flipped because I was a minute or so late even though I have to walk the footpath from the Metro North in sloppy weather,” said an angry student. Mercy seems not to have sympathy for commuters who commit their time to travel for class at long distances. Many are also upset they can’t participate in any events because they have to return home before it gets too late.

Freshman, Kianie Angeles who dorms operates the trolley around campus. “The school is like, I don’t know, small. It seems so quiet and it’s weird. I don’t get much sleep either.” Mercy College is a campus of many things but of living arrangements, it comes to a halt. Overpopulated with students they continue to provide places for them to stay at. It still remains a dispute every year.

So which would you decide: dorms, hotels or commuting ?