Mercy Heals Sandy’s Destruction


News of a heavy incoming storm reaches the ears of many students who evacuate campus to return home to their families or stay to tough it out in the dorms. Many weren’t concerned because its predecessor, Irene was a quick come and go. But they were soon to see that one storm can highly differ from another. The weekend met frantic shoppers stacking up on canned goods and favorite snacks for the storm that was said to be a disaster for the Northeast area. Families were left with limited resources, power outages, electrical damages, fallen trees, heavy rains and no way of transportation as the MTA service was turned off for safety and a search for gas became high.

As the storm worsened, students were sent emails of class cancellations for most of the week which setback many academically as this was the time of midterms. Those who were dorming were accommodated for by food service and shelter. Commuters were able to transport to school once MTA service was accessed by limited service with dozens of shuttle buses running into the city. Police officers patrolled the streets and corners of the inner city for safety measures and precautions during the hurricane. Following the storm, Mercy College President Kline addressed students and faculty members with an email as such:

Dear Mercy College Students:

 As of Monday, all of Mercy College’s campuses were open. While we are grateful that the College facilities sustained only minimal damage and power outages due to Hurricane Sandy, many members of the Mercy College community continue to recover personally from the storm and they remain in our thoughts.

 To address concerns you might have about coursework, we will work with each of you to ensure that no student suffers academically as a result of the hurricane.  The faculty and administration are working to determine how lost class time will be made up. Please contact your professors or department chairs as soon as possible if your return to school will be delayed due to the consequences of the storm.  This will allow us the opportunity to work with you to address your personal situation appropriately.

Mercy College continues to recover and provide relief for those in need. There are a list of upcoming events followed in the email for those who choose to help.

We are now being threatened by another storm with snow on the way. It is highly encouraged that students stay warm and safe through these dramatic climate changes and try their best to stay on task for the rest of the semester.