Justice For Cats (The Animal Not The Movie)


There are two kinds of people in this world; people who love cats and people who think that cats are the epidemy of evil; I’m on the cat lovers side. Every time I tell someone I’m a cat mother, a slue of stereotypical insults are always hurled my way. I’ve heard them all. “You have no life” “You must not have friends” “Your crazy” “You probably talk to your cats”.  While most of those are  true, they are usually associated with the stereotype that cats are useless and inferior to their counterparts, dogs.

I’ve had numerous pets over the years from fishes to dogs to hamsters and even snakes,  but cats has always been my number one pet. They have everything a pet should posses. Beauty, Elegance, Strength, Pest Control etc. Lets face it… cats are incredible, yet they still get a bad rep for being “boring” or “quiet”. Being a cat parent is a very rewarding thing and can provide you with a lot of life lessons that is hard to duplicate. Owning a cat, just like owning other pets such as dogs and turtles,  provides humans with the comfort and excitement. Knowing that there is someone who will love you and not judge you regardless of your actions is something that is hard to find in humans but easy to find in pets. While cats are independent pets who like to live their lives on their own terms, they are very affectionate with their owners and once you gain their trust, they will do anything for you.

However, as I said before, cats get a bad rep for how independent they are compared to their dependent counterparts, dogs. Since cats don’t need as much attention as dogs for survival, most people look at them as pointless pets and only needed when one is experiencing pest problems. In fact a study from the University of Lincoln found that even though cats are less dependent than dogs, they still enjoy the presence of their owner. The study took cats along with their owners and placed them in unfamiliar environments to see how the cats behaved under unfamiliar territory. While they enjoyed having the company of their owner, they were less reliant on their owners for protection in the new environment. While many sees this as another con the cat list, it is reassuring that when placed in unusual situations, cats are able to figure out the problem on their own and not rely on their humans for every little thing.

How easy going they are is also another plus on how low maintenance they are. While a lot of cats tend to shed a lot, most cats are low maintenance and the ones who are very energetic, can be trained to calm down when you want your relaxation time. It is not mandatory to walk, train (on demand), constantly groom or buy many equipment for your feline. Their independence means they can take care of themselves when you are unable to. Of course, that doesn’t mean to forget that your cat but don’t be worried if you have a demanding job that requires you to be gone for most of the day. Your home will mostly likely be in tact when you return. In addition, cats are very quiet only tend to meow when they’re hungry (unlike dogs who bark every second of the day). If your on a zoom call with your boss or professor, you don’t have to worry about your cat lil Timmy meowing for the heck of it. He’ll shut up and leave you be. This alone makes them a great pet for those of us working from home or have children napping during the day.

Lets not forget about pest control, it should be common knowledge that cats like to hunt rodents. It’s what they were initially bred to do and they haven’t lost that trait. When you bring a cat into your household, they provide an invisible bubble of protection against rodents and insects. They’ll be afraid to come inside your home. Don’t feel bad for getting a cat just to curb your pest problem, most cats love hunting down bugs such as house flies and spiders and rodents.

Cats will also help you find the love of your life. Seriously. A UK Survey found that 90%  single women surveyed believed that men who own cats are nicer than those who don’t. Most male cat owners surveyed said they love having cuddle sessions with their cats for relaxation and comfort. I love a man who loves his cat and apparently most women agree with me also. Who wouldn’t want a man who loves to have cuddle sessions? So, if you’re looking to find the love of your life, get a cat, take them out for a walk on a leash and send me an invite to your future wedding.