Shalekiah Barton, Staff Writer

I am generally a very happy and positive person.
However, there are certain things in life that makes me very uneasy.
As human beings, we all have Pet Peeves. To me, my pet peeves are simple things that people don’t understand. I get upset when common sense courtesies aren’t done. I truly feel my pet peeves are just a little more reasonable than others. My pet peeves are as follows, People who sneeze or cough and don’t cover their mouths. Thats self explanatory, why not cover your stinking mouth to block your germs and bacteria before they come spewing to me. People who do that are absolutely disrespectful to me, its bad enough you don’t love yourself and didn’t take precautions to make sure you didn’t get sick, but now you’re not gonna value my life and keep your germs away from me? Major problem.
My second Pet peeve is people who do the most! Also known as “Attention Seekers”, people who would do any and every thing to make sure the spotlight is on them at all times. Have you ever went out with a group of friends and there was that one friend who just kept over talking or trying to pretend they were super drunk? or what about was flirting with every guy they encountered and being annoying? yeah that’s the attention seeker.
My other Pet peeve is the person who complains and cries about all their problems, but then continues to make the same mistakes over and over. I had a couple friends, who are now ex friends who would ask for advice and curse their mistakes, just to turn around and do it over again.
People who don’t know common courtesy’s are also my pet peeves. One example of that is men who leave the toilet seat up or women who leave urine on the seat. Its like c’mon! look behind yourself, it is not a hard task.

Math is also my pet peeve. The fact that it doesn’t make any sense to me and hasn’t since i started school, is annoying. I guess math doesn’t involve common sense, because no one can tell me that 24 times z equals 2 minus 47 has a remainder of a. It is all just majorly stupid to me.

Another Pet Peeve of mine is when people post pictures, of their food on Instagram. Now don’t get me wrong, i follow food pages and drool at delicious plates on social media- however, the plates i see people post on Instagram; are disgusting. They look like a 2 year old microwaved, food from the garbage and threw it on a plate. For God sake, before you post food on social media, you should ask a friend or two if it looks eatable.

Lord knows, i can go on and on about my pet peeves, but ill keep it short.
My last, biggest, most hated pet peeve is people with Body odor. There are too many hygiene products, for people to smell like raw onions and week old sushi. People should take pride in how they look, act and smell!
I have been on too many trains and buses where people smell like death, first thing in the morning. It is absolutely disrespectful to not only themselves but to everyone who is riding the train as well. A lot of people try and use the excuse of “Going natural” as a reason not to use deodorant and use body washes and sprays. Well, i declare on this day that no one ever use that excuse again. That is not a good enough excuse, their are too many natural products that allow you to be healthy, safe and smell great!

On a positive note, i love God, life, family and food. So those are the things that make my life worth living.