LOST: The case of the Missing iPhone

LOST: The case of the Missing iPhone

Shalekiah Barton, Staff Writer

Sound the alarm, inform the authorities, someone call the pope!

My best friend is missing.

No I am not speaking about a human being, however it is something worth equally to me as my friends do.

My gold, IPhone 6 is no longer safely tucked in my pants pocket. Nor is it warmed up by the heat and twiddle of my freshly yellow, painted finger tips. On Tuesday November 3rd, 2015 after leaving my Creative Writing course in Room 214 located in the Victory hall, I went downstairs to the newspaper and Journalism room. I figured I would type up some homework, because it was 5:20 and my bus wasn’t expected to arrive until 6:15 pm. As I reached in my bag to check the time on my phone, to my surprise my phone was no where in sight. I immediately performed a full on airport, cavity search on my purse and book bag. Each time I pulled out something in my bags that were not my phone, my heart beat increased more and more.

Everything went blank in my mind, but I knew I had to try and remember where I left it, dropped it or who could of stolen it. If there was a swear jar anywhere around me, I would have probably had to give up my life savings because I literally couldn’t think of any other words to describe how I felt at that moment. My phone has always been the equivalent to of a miracle baby to me.

I am metaphorically like a barren women who has always wanted children, but couldn’t conceive and when they finally do and the baby is born healthy and beautiful, all is right with the world. I literally searched every AT&T, Radio Shack, Wal-Mart, Target and Apple store looking for my phone. And just when I was about to give up, I found it and I have been happily in love with it ever since.

I have never lost anything in my life, except maybe my mind and a little time. However, I have always been the type of person who cherishes my possessions. I don’t take anything for granted and I am grateful and thankful for everything I have worked hard for. After frantically searching in places that I didn’t have too, I decided to just leave it in God’s hands and head back to my residence. Once I got to my room, the realization that my phone was not with me, had slightly set in and I was angry and sad and felt like I couldn’t go on with life.

I remember going through the five stages of grief. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and then finally Acceptance that my phone was indeed gone and the situation was out of my control. For the life of me, I tried to replay the last moments of me in class over and over in my head but my mind was still blank. There are billions of things I think, plan and are memorizing on a daily basis, so my brain was occupied with other things that wouldn’t clear space. So as a last minute attempt, I called my friend Izzy who was sitting next to me in the class, that I last had my phone in and she gave me the best and worst news. Good news was she saw my phone in the windowsill as we were exiting class, bad news was she didn’t think anything of it and left without investigating what it was.

I couldn’t even be mad at her, after all it was my fault and no one else’s but that didn’t stop me from wishing someone I knew would have at least saw it and called out to me.
However, shoulda, woulda, coulda is all I can say now. I am going to find out what class was in the classroom after i left and hope that a student notified their professor or someone who has enough sense to return it.

I really wish I could say my story had an happy ending, but unfortunately the case of the missing phone is still ongoing. This is day one of me waking up without it and I hope by tonight, I will have it. Until then I am going to do all I can, to insure its safe return.

Please, if you have seen or heard anything about my precious phone, respond to this article or give it to the Lost and Found Department at the security desk in Main hall. No there is no reward, you will just be responsible for a giant smile on my face and relieving all stress with in me.
Do the right thing, because Karma is real, and you never know when you will be in need, think of if you were in my shoes and one of your prize possessions went missing. You would want someone to do the right thing and contact the authorities.