Everyone Makes Mistakes

Everyone Makes Mistakes

We’ve all been there. Calling someone the wrong name or screaming the wrong answer out in class. Mistakes happen every day but unfortunately for Steve Harvey, he had 6.2 million viewers to witness his.

On Sunday night, the television host announced the wrong winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.


The cringe worthy moment never happened before in the history of the competition.

In the final moments of the televised event, Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez and Miss Philippines, Pia Wurtzbach stood holding hands, waiting for the winner to be announced. Anticipation was building.

“Miss Universe 2015 is… Colombia!” Harvey announced.

The crowd went wild. Cheers and claps echoed throughout the arena as the crown and sash was placed on Gutierrez’s head. She took in the moment. She smiled and waved to the crowd.

Moments later, Harvey returned to the stage to reveal he had made a mistake.

“I have to apologize” Harvey said.

Four words that changed the Miss Universe pageant forever. Harvey went on to explain that he read the wrong name and Wurtzbach was the actual winner.

At first, I thought, “How could Harvey make a mistake like that?” The name of the winner must be clearly written on the card so what’s so hard? But, when Harvey showed the results card, I had different thoughts. The second and first runner ups were written at the top of the card and the winner’s name was to the bottom left. The names on the card weren’t as clear as I thought it would be. It’s understandable how Harvey could have mixed things up. In that moment, so many things were probably running through his head. Live television is tough. You only have one chance to do something and if you mess up, there’s no edit button.On the other hand, I feel terrible for the two contestants. Both worked hard to get into the competition and to then to make it to the final two. It’s unfortunate what happened.

The uncrowning of Gutierrez was hard to watch. She looked humiliated as her crown and sash was taken from her and placed on Wurtzbach. I felt terrible for her because she really wanted to be the winner. If I was awarded a prize and moments later it was taken from me and given to someone else, I would want to hide under a rock. And, if it was televised, it would be ten times worse. It would have been better if they split the crown between the two ladies. You know, turn it into a Mean Girls moment when Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) becomes the Spring Fling Queen and shares a piece of the crown with the nominees. Too bad that was just a movie because the Miss Universe pageant would have been less awkward.

And to Wurtzbach, what a way to become Miss Universe. A usual joyous and regal moment turned into pure embarrassment and confusion. The moment that was supposed to be dedicated to her became overshadowed by a mistake. Harvey’s slip up took center stage although she had already received her crown. I have to give it to her because she handled the situation with grace. Actually, both ladies did. I don’t know what I would do if I was in either position.

Following the mishap, social media exploded. I wasn’t surprised because people jump on any opportunity to voice their opinions and make memes. I have to admit, some of the memes were hilarious. One of them were supposedly created by singer Justin Bieber. He attached Harvey’s head to his body accompanied with the caption, “Is it too late now to say sorry?”, the lyrics to his latest hit single. While that was humorous, some people were disrespectful with their 140 characters on Twitter. I couldn’t believe what people were saying. They went as far to call him an “Uneducated N*****”. Referring to Harvey as such was completely uncalled for. I didn’t understand how him making a mistake equated to him being called that derogatory term. People make mistakes all the time, worse ones at that. It was sad to see how quickly people tear others down. There were more tweets similar to the previous one which was even more horrifying. People really think it’s ok to write things like that. It could have been anyone on that stage making the same mistake Harvey did. I’m curious to know if they would have received the same backlash. Maybe, maybe not.

The moral of the story is clear folks: people make mistakes. Harvey had made a genuine mistake of announcing the wrong winner but it’s ok. Things happen but one should not be crucified for it.  Harvey took full responsibility for his actions and that’s what mattered the most.