How To Survive Finals Week

How To Survive Finals Week

It’s the end of the year and I could practically hear summer vacation calling my name. But, there’s one thing in my way: finals week. (Dun, dun, dun). With exams and papers all throughout the week, it can be overwhelming. I’ve gathered some tips that will help you (and me) get through the hectic week a little easier.

1. Download the Google Docs App


I’m always on the go so typing a final paper at a computer is not always an option for me. Once I downloaded the app, I was able to type most of my papers for class on my phone. It saves my work automatically and when I get to school, I can print out it from Gmail account. Also, if you’re in an area where WiFi isn’t the best , select the “Available Offline” option on the document so you can continue to type away.


2. Color Code Your Notes


During the review for the final exam, highlight your notes with a specific color(s). This way, you’ll be able to see exactly what you need to study and what you don’t. It makes studying much easier. I’ve tried this before and it actually worked.

3. Say No To Junk Food


I know, it’s hard not to buy the French fries and Chicken but try eating healthy. Processed foods makes you tired and sluggish. Whole grain foods, vegetables, and lean protein digest slowly and gives you more energy over a long period of time. I ate pizza before a final once and it was a bad idea. I felt lazy and tired. For my second final during the week, I had another final so I ate a whole wheat, turkey sandwich. Surprisingly, I did feel more alert and focused.

4. Power Naps


When you have a quick break, try taking a nap to re-energize yourself for the test. A 15 minute nap can do wonders. It can restore alertness, enhance performance, and reduce mistakes, according to the National Sleep Foundation. You can take a nap in an empty classroom or in the library. Remember to set an alarm so you don’t oversleep.

5. Move Your Body


Studies show that exercise increases blood flow to the brain while sitting in one place for a long time can make you tired. Walking or running for 10-15 minutes can get the blood pumping and make you more alert for your test.

6. Don’t Procrastinate/Cram


Waiting until the last minute to do projects or to study for finals is the worst. You’re trying to study the day of the test and do five page essays in three hours. Save yourself the stress by not procrastinating or cramming. Instead, study your notes for half an hour each day. You’ll retain the information and get a better grade on your test.

7. Get Some Sleep


If you’re not the napping type then a good night’s sleep is for you. Sleeping helps with remembering information and that’s perfect for finals week. Some more added bonuses of sleeping are improved focus, less headaches, and healthier skin.

8. Reward Yourself!


After studying and taking exams, go out and do the things you love to do. It could be meeting up with friends to see a movie or buying your favorite ice cream from the store. It’s important to have a balance of work and play. You deserve to breathe a little.

I’m definitely taking my own advice and using the tips this week. So far, I have been staying away from junk food. For lunch, I had a chicken salad (whoop whoop). I avoid sitting in one place for too long so I don’t get tired. I take breaks walking around the room or listening to music. Try some of the tips and see how well they work for you.

Good luck with finals everyone!