Pros and Cons of Having a Noticeable Car


Karissa Allen, Impact Staff

Lately I have been seeing more cars that are bright or odd colors. Three years ago when I got my first car I got something that most people would recognize. It may be a little noticeable. Its lime green. I noticed some things that happen while I drive around. There are some things that are annoying, funny or just weird.


People Stare. A lot.


Oh, I’m sorry, have you never seen someone drive a car before? I’m just driving my car, driving, you don’t have to stare at me while we sit at this really long red light. Thanks.

Privacy, You don’t really get any.


You can never go anywhere without people knowing. I go to Stop and Shop and people will text me saying that they saw me. Wait, why didn’t they say hi. “Oh I didn’t see you, I saw your car.” It’s a little creepy.



There are so many pranks that you can pull when driving. One of my personal favorites is something called “Coning”. When you go through the drive-thru you have to order a soft serve on a cone. After you pay and you get to the window, instead of grabbing the ice cream cone by the bottom of the cone, you grab the top, where the ice cream is and just drive away like nothing happened.

If I drive a neon green car through the drive-thru, its not going to be hard to remember who drives that one neon green car in town. How could I do this? I can’t really.

Finding a needle in a haystack.


When you leave a concert or the mall, when there are hundreds of cars it can be hard to remember where you left your car if you weren’t paying attention. Black, white, silver, another black car. That’s all you see. But then you see a small tint of green. FOUND IT! Out of hundreds and maybe thousands of cars that all look the same, you can find your car so much faster and leave the crowded venue.

Getting Things Fixed


After an accident my car had to go into the shop. It was supposed to be there three days at most. It ended up being there for about a week longer than they wanted. Why? I needed a new front bumper and a new headlight. How hard could that be? Well apparently they tried about 10 times to match the color of the bumper with the rest of the car. They had to call a paint technician from Ohio. Wait. That’s a real thing?



I can walk up to my car and someone can have a ten minute conversation about how I like my car, gas mileage so on and so forth. But then the color comes. I don’t know how much you want me to say about the color. It’s green. That’s all I got. I do get many compliments on the color though, most people love it. I haven’t met one person who hasn’t liked it so that’s a plus.



Kids say the funniest things. The best thing I have heard so far was “Mommy, look! It’s a Transformer!”


And last but not least: Nicknames


My car gets a lot of funny nicknames. Jelly Bean, Jolly Rancher, Kermit, Green Monster, Booger, and my personal favorite, Flubber. New nicknames are always a plus!


Some of these things are funny, some are really annoying. But what does it all come down to? Do I like my car? Of course. Do I love driving my car? Absolutely. Do I like people staring all the time? No not really. Its just a car. Do I like making funny faces at people when they stare? Yup! It makes them super uncomfortable, and they stop staring!