Buying a used car may be more affordable than using MTA Transportation Daily


Chris Telford, Staff Writer

The fare of the MTA is getting more expensive each year. The MTA Metropolitan Transportation  Authority fare is up to 3 dollars.

It may be time for people to start looking into other ways of transportation. The bus and rain fare is getting pricey for people and the service for the most part is inconsistent and unreliable. Trains still have delays that can cause people to get to work or school late.

Trains are still unsanitary and crowded to capacity. However, MTA buses are more reliable and provide better service the fare of 3 bucks. The fare price of 3 dollars might be a bit much for New Yorkers.

Why not save a couple of thousands and buy a used car for around 1,000 to 4000 bucks. It will save you time and money. At least by driving your own car you can control what time you reach your destination for the most part.

The only thing that can create issues with driving a car is if you get caught up in traffic. Other than that buying and driving a used car may be the best form of transportation at the time. Not only may buying a used car be more affordable, but it could be more convenient as a form of transportation for people who work.

Their are plenty amount of car dealerships that offer cars like ford and Toyota for the price range around 1500 to 3500 dollars. Once the car you purchase has decent insurance, driving should be more affordable than taking a city bus or train.

Musty train carts, loud music, filthy seats, nasty floors, and delays of time will no longer be an issue when you have a car. The used car will be your own form of transportation and most convenient for yourself.

Now you can leave at anytime you want, and get to your destination on time without waiting or depending on a bus driver or train conductor. As a daily MTA commuter it is stressing to know that you have no control of what time you get to places because of terrible service and delays. Just save up your money and find a car that is the most affordable for you.

The 3 bucks you spend on bus fare can be used toward gas money for your car! Buy a used car and travel wherever you want and when you desire.  It will feel amazing waking and knowing that you can go anywhere you want without waiting for a bus or train.

Benefits of having your own car is unlimited. As a driver you can literally drive to anywhere without depending on anyone to take you places. Also, Just being able to drive can open opportunities to you in the workplace. Certain jobs will require people to have a driver’s license and drive places.

For example, If you wanted to work for Uber it would be ideal for you to have your own car. The financial benefit of having your own car is desirable. You can use your car as a Uber to take people around and make money at the same time.

No more MTA transportation. It is time for everyone to be their own form of transportation and purchase a car to reach their destination..