Snowy Days


Amanda Depew, Social Media Editor

What do you do on your snow day? Do you sit inside like nothing happened? Do you take the opportunity to “spring” clean your house? Do you bake everything inside your kitchen? Do you go outside and go on an adventure? What is your snow day like?

Everyone has their own snow day. Most people that live in the lower half of New York hate the snow. They love the look of it for about five minutes and then they are over it. But then again, why do you live in one of the greatest states that lets you fully experience all four seasons?

Snow days are great. Not only do you get to sleep in but you can do whatever you want for the most part. If you’re behind on work, you can catch up, if you’re behind on laundry you can catch up. It’s that eighth day of the week that everyone wishes for.

We currently had a double snow day because of Stella the blizzard. Stella brought a total of 24 inches to my house and a little more to other surrounding towns within about 18 hours.

During my first snow day I started off by helping shovel the first layer of about 10 inches off the back porch. Then headed straight to the kitchen to start baking cookies.

Baking warm chocolate chip cookies on a cold snowy day is a perfect way to spend a snow day.

After filling the cookie jar, it was time to go back outside and take on shoveling out the cars. Shoveling isn’t the best way to spend the day but when you’re outside playing with your dogs in the snow it helps out to turn the day around.

The next snow day I, my brother and cousins decided to go sledding. We went to the local park with the giant hill. We decided to go with the side of the hill that had a bunch of trees only because it was much steeper with a jump in the middle of it. Which made it much more fun.

Me and my cousin decided to go down on the two person sled which is fast and felt slightly dangerous.

We continued sledding all day until we were too tired to trek up the hill anymore. Hiking up two full feet of snow can get tiring especially when you are fully dressed in a heavy duty snow suit.

After we were done sledding we stopped at Dunkin Donuts to end the perfect snow day. Stella was a great blizzard that I honestly wished brought more snow.




Check out some more videos below from our sledding adventures on the snow day.