My Procrastination Problem

I have a problem. A procrastination problem.

Almost every project or assignment I have, I leave until the very last minute. I don’t know why I’m like this. I’ve tried numerous times in the past to change my ways but nothing seems to work. It’s like I physically can’t start an assignment unless I have 24 hours or less to complete it. Which sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it’s just how my brain works.

I would love to be the kind of person who starts something 2 weeks before it’s due, so that I could give myself plenty of time to look over and revise whatever it is I’m doing. Or to work on other assignments.

But I’ve tried, and I physically CANNOT. I can’t.

Someone told me once that maybe I procrastinate things because I work better under pressure. Which I’m starting to believe is true. Because when I do take the time to start something early, edit, and revise it, to make sure it’s absolutely perfect for when I hand it in – I end up getting a worse grade than when I wait till the last minute to complete it. So I guess it true that I do my best work when I’m down to the wire. But there are some aspects of my life when I procrastinate that are just plain lazy and have nothing to do with ability to work under pressure.

For weeks now I’ve been telling myself that I need to schedule a doctor’s appointment to have checkup because I’m way overdue. That’s something as simple picking up the phone, dialing a number, and telling the lady on the other line what time I can come in. But have I done it yet? No. Also for weeks now, my mom has been asking me to get all of the clothes I don’t need/wear anymore so she can take them to Goodwill. And again, have I done it yet? No. Do I have time to? Yes.


I just don’t know. I chalk it up to pure laziness. And there are just way too many distractions in life, so that doesn’t help. Texting, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed… the list goes on and on. Oh! And let’s not forgot about my biggest distraction of them all – Netflix. Where, “just one more episode” at 9:30pm turns into “What have I done?!?” at 3:30am.

Maybe there’s some help group I could join, Procrastinators anonymous? That’s a thing, right? Well hopefully I’ll get some help soon because I really need to schedule that doctor’s appointment… maybe I’ll look into it tomorrow.