Crying on a Roller Coaster



Universal Orlando Resort will soon unveil one of the most radically innovative roller coasters ever created Ð Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Ð set to open late spring/early summer. The coaster combines hit music, breathtaking first-ever maneuvers and highly sophisticated audio and video for a one-of-a-kind ride experience. Photo Universal Orlando

I’m the biggest daredevil/punk you’ll ever meet. I am so down to do the craziest things until it’s time to go through with it. My very first time going to Universal Studios, and it was something to remember. My friend thought it was a great idea to go on the famous “Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit” roller coaster at Universal Studios Florida in Orlando, Florida. So you know, me being M.S. Daredevil over here, agrees to tag along with him.

If you don’t know what this ride is, just know it has a height of 167 feet, a length of 3,800 feet, and a top speed of 65 miles per hour. It is the largest X-Coaster ever built by German manufacturer Maurer Söhne, It may be the largest coaster at Universal Studios itself. It takes up about the first half of the amusement park. The cool thing about it, though, is that you can listen to music while riding it.

Anyway, back to my story. I never regretted something more. No kidding. It’s like riding in a speeding car with no seat belt. I mean it’s a great ride if you’re looking to have a heart attack because I swore I was having one the whole five minutes. I felt like my body would slip out of the seat at any minute and my heart dropped to my stomach like five times. If you have never been on this roller coaster; fair warning, the only thing keeping you in your seat is a bar that is wrapped around your body, no seatbelts. So yeah, I’m not too fond of riding in a speeding roller coaster with nothing but a bar keeping me from flying out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

It was the scariest but yet most eventful five minutes of my life. I mean, how can someone cry and laugh at the same time? I never thought it would be possible for me until that day. It’s like, I’m feeling like I’m about to die but then again I would want my last minutes on this earth to be of me laughing or having fun. So instead of just crying, I did both. I won’t die a punk.

The aftermath was a bit of a relief; I mean at least I’m alive right? But I didn’t stop shaking until like 30 minutes later. My friend laughed at me the whole time, not funny! I was scared for my life.

I love roller coasters. I love the huge rush you feel during and after and that knotty feeling you get in your stomach before getting on. It’s amazing. But I like to say I have my limits. If I don’t feel secure in the seat, I do not want to get on. But you can convince me to. If they make the roller coaster from wood, I definitely will not get on. That isn’t even up for discussion. If a roller coaster is over 80 years old. No, no, I’m not getting on. I watched the Final Destination 3; I don’t want to die riding a roller coaster. Last, if I see that ride malfunction at least once, you can forget about me even stepping on that line because the only line I’m stepping to, is the line to the food court. I eat when I’m scared.

Want to know the funniest thing about this whole thing? I went on the roller coaster a second time and yes; I cried a second time.

I never understood why I’m so afraid to do things, but I do them anyway in hopes to get over that fear but never get over anything. Then I’ll do it again as if I’ll be able to get over it the second time. I’m risking my life over here.
Some may think I’m overreacting but you try being me and getting on a ride like that. You’ll probably change your perspective on this.

But to be very honest with you all, I would try that roller coaster again. And cry again, and then regret my decision to ride it in the first place, again. But hopefully, I’ll feel more secure next time. I told you; I love roller coasters.

I don’t get me sometimes either.