It Only Takes One Moment for a Miracle to be Born


It felt like a movie, one where the woman screams and squirms as each contraction kicks in. 

My sister had a rough pregnancy. Almost every month she’d have to go and check the baby’s heart, head, and stomach.

She lay in the hospital bed in her long, bluish hospital gown and screamed as she felt each contraction. It got worse with every second. 

Her nurse asked if she wanted an epidural but my sister refused. She wanted to take this like a champ. 

My mother and I sat beside her and held her hand through the pain. She begged for the baby to hurry up. Eight hours later and we were still waiting for Aubrey to arrive. Talk about being stubborn. 

My mother and I stepped out to get something to eat only to come back and hear that she was dilated a small four centimeters.

It was such a long wait. I just wanted to meet my niece. I started to grow anxious. 

“Only six more centimeters to go!” the nurse said in excitement.

Well thanks, ma’am, we’re going to be here for another six hours. 

Later that night, my sister got a contraction that finally pushed her to give in and get the epidural. 

She couldn’t take the pain anymore; she was starving, she was thirsty, and at that point, there was no way she was going to be able to make it through a natural birth. They had to induce her labor.

I stepped out of the room to take a phone call with my mother when she noticed a whole bunch of doctors running towards the room we were in. 

All of a sudden, the crowd of doctors were rushing toward the surgery room with my sister on the hospital bed. 

They refused to let us into the room to see her.

“I want to see my daughter! What the hell is going on?” my mother yelled. 

I stood nervously behind her and remained quiet. I tried to see what was going on in the room. 

The doctors finally explained what was happening. The induction didn’t work.

For a minute, I could’ve lost both my sister and my niece. 

For just a minute, my whole world was about to crash down around me. 

After yelling and crying, my mother sat herself down and tried to catch her breath.

She isn’t good at dealing with trauma or nervousness and all she was thinking about was whether or not we were going to lose two loved ones. 

The doctor handed both of us a cup of water and asked me to keep my mother calm. 

I nodded and held my mother’s hand. “It’s going to be ok, Ma,” I said. 

I’m sure I was just as scared as she was, but I couldn’t show fear and stress her out more. 

 I stayed calm and positive and about a half-hour later, the doctor walked out of the room with a smile on his face.

We stood up. “Is she okay?” my mother asked. 

“Yes, you have a beautiful crying baby. Your daughter is a champ,” the doctor said. I was relieved. 

On July 12 of 2017 at 10:57 p.m., Aubrey Rose Perez Green was brought into the world. She was tiny, weighing only 5 pounds and 7 ounces.

I was the first to see her. I walked into the emergency room with tears of joy falling down my face. I have never seen anything so precious and never realized that a person so small could bring so much joy to my life in a matter of seconds. 

During that moment, every bad memory went away. It was the greatest moment of my life. New life means new beginnings.

A few minutes later, my sister was brought into the recovery room where we finally got to hold baby Aubrey.

At that moment, nothing else mattered but that sweet and precious baby girl. 

My sister didn’t think about anything else. 

Aubrey is two-years-old now. She is one of the smartest babies I have ever met. She’s energetic and adores her family. 

In just one moment, she brought our family closer. And that was proof that she really is a miracle.