2020 is Canceled

2020 is Canceled

You heard it here first (well, you know what I mean).

2020, my summer body, my 21st birthday, and everything else is canceled until further notice.

I think we need to unplug 2020, leave it out for five minutes, then plug it back in – cause seriously, honey, I am stressed out and in serious need of a do-over.

This was supposed to be my year to get my shit together, and now the world can’t even get its shit together.

Silly me for thinking that 2015 had to be the worst year of my life, we’re only three months into the new year/decade and I’m already over it.

I can’t wait for my future kids to have kids so I can tell them all about it. Hopefully, everything goes well and I make it to see another year.

Seriously though, all I wanted was to celebrate my 21st birthday and now I can’t even do that. I’ve been looking forward to my 21st birthday since I turned 18. Us Arieses are really stressed during this tragic time.

I know it’s not funny, but joking is how I cope, and I need all the coping I can do. So please, bear with me.

I truly hope that things die down before summer or else “hot girl summer” is going to be canceled too and that would suck for my fellow hot girls.

Then there’s no school. To some people, this is the greatest day ever, but for me – hell no. I was really looking forward to crushing it this semester. It’s going to be really hard to crush it from home. I’m a lazy, procrastinating mess.

No school also means no work, I have mentioned before that I work for over 30 schools and now there aren’t any schools to work at. I feel like I lost my purpose.

Plus, these bills aren’t going to pay themselves. It’s really upsetting cause if I can’t pay my bills then who will?

If the world is going to end, can I at least live my life before it does?

Moving on to something else that has been bothering me: do not get me started on this new law on the plastic bag ban, whose idea was this and why do they think paper bags are any better? And why is the ban only in New York when the whole damn country needs saving?

So many unanswered questions, I can’t deal.

They do know paper comes from trees right? Oh.

They think they’re saving us but it’s just going to get worse. I think I’m going to move to the islands or maybe Mars. I’m not sure yet.

All I know is, I’m out of here.

This was supposed to be 2016 all over again, what in the actual hell is this? I feel like I’m in The Walking Dead, or worse, the Great Depression.

I’m going to stop complaining though, because in all honesty, I’m alive and healthy, and I can’t be mad at that.

Maybe this is a lesson for us all, we need to appreciate our loved ones and the lives we were given. We need to stop taking time and life for granted.

Stay humble and be blessed, tomorrow isn’t promised.

I may joke a lot – maybe a little too much – but I’ll always remember how important and precious life really is.

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy during this hard time, bless our weary hearts.