Dogs Can Save Your Life Too

Dogs Can Save Your Life Too

Most of us have a childhood pet whom we’ll never forget. My childhood pet was Whitey, my precious Whitey, I would do anything to lay with her one last time. I don’t remember much about the first day I got her, I was about five or six.

She was already an adult, a friend of my family gave her to us. Her original name was something different, and we didn’t think it fit her well so we changed it to Whitey. 

Whitey was a full-bred Maltese, she was white as snow and had really fluffy fur. She was my best friend and my first dog. We grew up together. 

I remember around the time when we first got her, she was pregnant and we had no idea. We woke up one morning and there were a bunch of little Malteses surrounding her, it was the cutest thing. I wish we would’ve kept them but unfortunately, there wasn’t enough room, so my mother found a perfect home for all of them. 

When I was 10, I moved to Florida My mother couldn’t afford to take Whitey with us so we had to give her away. If I would’ve known that it would lead to one of the worst days of my life I would’ve never let my mother go through with it.

About a year later, Whitey passed away. Her new owners claimed she ate some bad food, but part of me can’t help but think she just missed us too much. I promise the feeling was mutual.

Whitey was really smart, we never had to worry about her running away because she knew where her home was. Her home was with us and she knew that.

We would walk her without a leash and she would never run away. She stood by our side, always. She loved us very much. She will never be forgotten. 

When I was 11, I had a Rottweiler mixed with a Hound Dog. His name was Rex, my sister got him without my mother’s permission. She was upset at first, but I believe she had a soft spot for him.

When we got Rex, I thought, even though Whitey could never be replaced, at least I can move on from it. Rex was so lovable, he rarely barked and he loved to cuddle.

We used to bond together by playing fetch in our backyard. Unfortunately, that happiness didn’t last because we moved once again and couldn’t afford to take Rex. Once again, I had to say goodbye to my best friend.

I’m not sure where Rex is now, but I hope he’s alive and well. His owners were really nice. I hope they treat him well. He had been through a lot before we adopted him, and in the end, he just wanted to be loved. Throughout the short time living with him, he made me very happy. 

When I turned 16, my family and I moved into our first apartment since moving back to New York. My sister bought a dog, once again without my mother’s permission. Her name is Chloe. Chloe will be 6 years old in July, she’s a Corkie, a Chihuahua mixed with a Yorkie. She’s very feisty, she is definitely all bark and no bite, but she loves us and I can see how attached she is to us.


In all honesty, Chloe saved my life. After losing not one but two dogs, I didn’t want another one. I was afraid it’ll happen again. Chloe is still here, waking everyone up with her loud bark and still jumping for joy whenever I finally come home. She’s in it for the long run.