The Sun Shines After a Storm


The world is a kind place. And yes I did just use the title of this story to start the story. Genius, I know. I’m starting that way because I feel that its important for you to know and understand that the world can be a nice place to live in. It easier said than done but hear me out.

If you have been living in a rock and haven’t been aware of the things that are going on around you well then hello? Come out, we need you. More and more people have joined together to make changes happen. It’s true, I know you are aware of it and if you are not, that’s okay. That’s why I’m here for, to tell you.

Now I know there may be some people who would argue with me and say Andrea, stop lying the world is a very cruel place and you know it. And you’re not wrong but you’re not necessarily right either. Especially nowadays where a lot of terrible things are happening. Like Trump ending DACA, hurricanes and earthquakes destroying the land we live in, people still being racist and sexist (even though its 2017, give it up already), the list goes on and on.

So why would I say that the world is a kind place and disagree otherwise. Well because when all those terrible things happen, something good always happens afterwards. Just like in Michael Jackson’s song “We are the World.” We all come together as one.

When it was announced that Donald Trump would be ending DACA and giving the undocumented students six months to figure out a plan for themselves, many people came together to protest against it. And it wasn’t just undocumented students and their families protesting, many American citizens came forward to show their support as well. Why should they come and support something that doesn’t concern them? Well, because unlike Trump they understand that those students are Dreamers and they have the same hopes and dreams as the person next to them. They understand that they are students who just want an education like the rest of us.

On social media it was no different, many users from all source of social media came together to show their support to the Dreamers. The hashtag DACA was very popular the day Donald Trump announced his decision to end it. Since now we live in a society where social media is the biggest platform to express where we stand as a person, it was no shock that thats where most people turned to to show their disagreement (or agreement) on Trump decision.

It was constantly on T.V, “Trump has ended DACA” ” DACA Gone, what now?.” Every time I turned on the television, thats all I heard and saw. The news was pouring with useful information on what the DACA families and students should be doing before those six months come to an end. It was hard to watch as those kids on T.V started crying for an opportunity to have an education. I felt a lump in my throat every time I watched them because as a student myself, I understand how important it is for them to get an education. I think to myself why I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity that they want but don’t have.

So I wanted to join in and help. I logged in on Instagram and before I even had the chance to post something about it, I found many post on ways to support the DACA community. Text Resist to 50409 was what I kept seeing as I scrolled down so that exactly what I did. Once I texted them, a text came back asking for my name and zip code so I answered. Another message came back and asked me to write a letter to the Representatives supporting DACA. Once I was done I went back to Instagram to post a picture saying “I support DACA” and wrote the number underneath it.

The support for DACA was one of the many times where people came together to show their support. Right now many countries have faced the aftermath of natural disasters. Most recently Texas, Mexico, Florida and Puerto Rico. We are all human beings who have no control of mother nature but we do have the power to help those affected by those disasters.

News spread when it was announced that a hurricane was in Texas. Pictures of houses and churches collapsing and falling apart were shown on tv. Animals left behind and trees falling down were also among the many pictures and videos people from around the world could see. But within minutes of finding out what happened in Texas, many people went into action. Donations of all kind were sent to Texas, food, diapers, shoes, water, clothes, money you name it.

Commercials on tv kept showing up on what people should be donating and where to donate. It was all over social media as well, people putting up that they are praying for the victims and families. I constantly saw pictures and videos on people rescuing animals and people from their houses and floods. I once again saw a post on Instagram (can you tell its my favorite social media) showing me website where I can donate money for animals affected by the hurricane. Without hesitation I went to one of those websites and donated $15 to their organization. At first I was going to donate to another organization but they said they received too much money that they don’t need anymore and will donate the extra that they have to other organizations that don’t have. That warmed my heart to know that so many people came together to help the animals and people.

It wasn’t just in Texas where I saw people come forward to help the community but also in Ecuador. About two years ago Ecuador was hit with an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8. Being that my parents are from Ecuador and I have family members there, it was very dear to me when I heard of what happened. But it was remarkable to see how many people helped and donated to Ecuador. In the streets there were huge trucks carrying food and clothes supplies. It was too much that when my mom and I went to donate clothes, they said they don’t need anymore clothes because they already have gotten too many clothes. I donated blood with my sister just a few days after and bought dog food (because animals are also important) and many canned foods.

When I went to deliver those things to the truck, I saw hundreds of people donating as well. I saw baby food, pads, diapers, toilet papers, everything that people would need. Cars lining up to hand in what they wanted donate and tons of trucks filled with supplies. It was truly a remarkable thing to see.

In times like this is when I say the world is a kind place. People forget about religion, background, status, skin color, culture, gender when those tragic and disastrous events occur.  Why? Because those things don’t matter, what matters is that people help other people in times of desperate needs. We forget our differences and join together to make a better place to live in.