The Truth About Being Married

Say no to marriage.


I know that I’m the least person to share my input on marriage, considering that I’ve never been married before. But as a person that has never been “put a ring on it,” I can truly say that marriage is not a good idea. That being said, it would be very awkward for me to look back at this story and be married. Especially since I’m trying to convince you not to do just that.


I don’t want to or plan to get married anytime soon. Hopefully my mindset still stays the same. I’m not trying to deal with other people’s problems and then making them my problems. The concept of marriage is surreal to me. People get married with this idea in their heads that they will find a great and good looking spouse who will meet their expectations just to get disappointed once already committed to it.


Anywho, I have my many reasons for believing this. I know a lot of people who are in a formal relationship (to say it at its best) that are not satisfied in their marriage. It may be that

they have been with that person for so long that they have grown tired of them. Or perhaps the relationship was rushed or they have fallen out of love. The reasons for a relationship to fall apart are not as important as the idea of marriage itself. The idea is what ruins a relationship in the first place and here is why.


People get married to the IDEA of marriage not the actual person. Why do we need to get married anyways? Why can’t people just love someone without actually having to sign a paper to prove it. Just because people get married, doesn’t necessarily mean that they are in love. I’m sure those couples who were madly in love with each other at some point are now trying to find a way to get divorced.


It’s already implanted in people’s head that in order to live life, you must go through stages. One of them being getting married, growing a family and getting old with that person. That was told to us at a young age, something that we grow up looking forward to. The idea that in order to create a family and have a healthy and beautiful love life was to get married. If someone wasn’t, then they won’t have a love life that consist of a family. We were told that in order to create a family, one must get married first or else it won’t work. That’s not true at all, you can create a family without being fully committed to a legal document.


The fact that people believe that they must get a married, is ridicules. Now than ever, the marriage rates are decreasing. Why? Because they don’t want to deal with the problems that might come out of this marriage. If two people get a divorce, it is most likely they are going to fight for each other’s half money and materials especially if they’ve been together for many years. They are going to waste money on lawyers and wasting time deciding who gets what.


That’s another thing that irritates me. If you married someone because you were in love with them, then why are you trying to fight for materialistic thing after the marriage. You see? They don’t come out the same, they promise to give them the world when they get married and then try to take each other things. What kind of relationship was this built in?


It really doesn’t make a difference if you get married to someone or not. If anything, getting married is more complicated because now you have o get used to another person’s habits and flaws. What if they are a messy person and now you have to deal with it and clean it up? It will be late to start saying no.


Marriage changes everything, it creates problems and makes you feel trapped. The thought of just being with one person the rest of your life until the day you die, scares me. It makes me upset when I think of those couples who lost that affection and love they had before they got married t. All those memories and passion they once had for each other are now all gone.


My grandparents were once madly in love with each other at some point but now that love seems to have gone away…along with respect, faithfulness, honesty. Why is that? Was it the commitment that they were scared of? They can’t even stay in the same room without getting angry at each other for no reason. They live in seperate countries to try to stay away from each other. I don’t know whether to cry or laugh. Maybe both.


My uncle once told me and my sister to never get married, he said that he is sick of his wife and regrets ever asking her to marry him. Maybe they were confused as to what marriage and commitment was at the time. Everyone that I know who are married have failed to keep that promise and that love they had each other within the marriage.


My sister understood what he meant and agreed that there was no point in getting married. When I tried to explain why marriage was important and necessary, they simply asked  “ Why do couples NEED to get married?” I guess they had a point there because I couldn’t find any reason to prove why not. “Because the wedding” “Because they love each other” ”Because then when they get divorced they get money.” All don’t prove why they need to do get married, it just excuses as to why they should.  


About a few years ago, the conversation about marriage came to a conversation between me and my sister. She told me she never ever wants to get married, at the time I was upset that she said that. Everyone looks forward to getting married, especially us females. Just the fact we can wear a white dress and have a beautiful wedding with great grooms and bridesmaid, fascinates us. But after that wedding is done, here come the problems. Going back to the story, I asked my sister why she thought that way and she simple replied to “What’s the point?” And now I am asking you, what is the point of marriage?


If by the end of this story, you still want to get married, well then go ahead. I wish you the best and all the luck you will need. For those who I managed to convince, then let me tell you. You are one smart person