This Is For The Meek Ones

This Is For The Meek Ones

Tiffany Cordero, Impact Staff


“I wish I was as quiet and self conscious as that person over there “, said no one ever. I am shocked at the amount of people that I have come across who have little to no confidence in college. Now I’m not saying that you have to be this obnoxious, overbearing person. You don’t have to be that guy or girl that always feels the need to comment on everything, and you certainly don’t have to force yourself to be the extrovert that you clearly are not but holy shit show up!

Don’t be the wallflower because no matter how appealing Stephen Chbosky will make it seem, you will always fade into the background. As a junior I have seen so many “meek” students that it makes me concerned. How will you ever get anywhere if you don’t get out of your comfort zone? Are you going to sit there while others who aren’t so shy swoop in on every opportunity that could be yours? More importantly, when did everyone get so meek?

I am no expert in life but as a former introvert I cannot stress enough how beneficial it is to put your self out there. Before you say “you don’t know how it feels, its really nerve racking”, please stop talking because I promise you that I do. That is an excuse that you are using in order to defend your behavior and I’m telling you because I know first hand that its not going to cut it.

I used to be so shy, like for real I never said a word. I was so quiet that my first grade teachers thought that I was a mute… a freaking mute people! I never looked anyone in the eye, I didn’t really talk to other people and as a result I missed out on a lot. I had no friends and on top of that I made the adults around me concerned for my well-being.

I’m lucky, I had a mom that forced me out of my comfort zone. “Tiffany, since when do you have a problem talking? If you don’t start speaking up and acting your age we’re going to have a real problem you hear me. If I have another teacher call home asking me if everything is ok here, I promise you that you’re going to get to know a side of me that you don’t want to know”. This is what my uber Puerto Rican mother said to finally get me to be present both physically and mentally and I thank her for it every day. As a result I became memorable. I became this quirky but very funny person I had no idea I was. I also learned how to not take shit from anyone.

To the shy guy in the back of the room who stares at that girl endlessly hoping that one day she’ll notice you; she wont because there is a good chance that she doesn’t know you exist. To the girl who is great friends with the guy who is everything she looks for in a man, you’re going to stay in the friend zone. To the group of people who hold back their ideas for fear that they will be criticized and called moronic, you have committed the ultimate crime because you held back valuable information that could have helped everyone out.

You are your greatest enemy and you should absolutely be ashamed of yourself. Do you want to be remembered? Do you want to be the one who ends up with the girl/ guy in the end? Do you want to win? Then show up. Speak up; there is nothing wrong with doing that. Defend yourself during constructive criticism if you feel like your point was over looked. Don’t let anyone decide for you because you will never be satisfied with the outcome. It will take time believe me, I am still currently trying to master the art of standing out but I am making it happen. Do one thing out of your comfort zone everyday for as long as you live and you will see opportunities present themselves where you never saw them before. You will get the girl/boy in the end, you will get the promotion, and you will get the respect that your courage warrants.

This is for the meek ones, who are brave enough to want to stand out. Keep putting yourself out there because being afraid never did anything good for anyone.