Spotlight on Emerging Artist’s: May Thurd


Tiffany Cordero, Impact Staff

The three years I have been at Mercy College have been interesting in many ways. It has been interesting in the food we eat, the places we sleep, the professors we meet; but none quite as interesting as the music we hear in the halls of Victory.

I first met Lawrence Fauntleroy while attending a performance and as soon as he opened his mouth my eyes grew wide. Not only is he somewhat a lyrical wizard, the most staggering detail is that he sounds almost identical to another incredibly well established rap/ hip hop pioneer; Jay Z.

After witnessing his talents at an open mic event at Mercy I had to tell him that I was so stunned not only by his voice but by his smooth delivery and the incredible thoughtfulness behind his lyrics.

Lawrence “May Thurd” Fauntleroy was born May 26th, 1992 in The Bronx New York. His passion for music started at the age of six when he began writing rhymes in his notebook; this habit eventually became an everyday thing.


His passion for music only grew when he became a member of the Boys Choir of Harlem in middle school. During his time with the Boys Choir of Harlem he had the opportunity to travel the world and perform for some of the worlds most dignified leaders such as: Nelson Mandela, Hilary Clinton, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Keith Wrangle and George Bush. However, it was during a performance at Sean “P. Diddy” Comb’s 35th birthday that May Thurd knew he wanted to be a star.


May Thurd is an aspiring rapper/song-writer whose goal is to be a voice for anyone in the world who has trouble expressing themselves. “My goal is to approach the grittiness of the world and transform it into a celebration. Once I have changed the outlook of others I can start being satisfied with my work, till then I will keep searching”.


Although many artist don’t see the importance of pursuing higher education, May Thurd does. He is currently an undergrad at Mercy College where he studies Music Business and engineering. Although most people’s heads may tilt sideways in confusion at the often overlooked degree, May stays positive stating “being a musician is a decision that I made and accepted on my own and I will work hard every day to perfect my craft in the best way possible”.


The lyrical intelligence of his songs resemble that of Electric Relaxation by A Tribe Called Quest or K’naan’s The Dusty Foot Philosopher. His delivery is as they say “smooth as HOV’s” but what makes May Thurd all the more likable is his humility and desire to be respectfully better than the rappers who have paved the way for young talent like himself.

He is the midnight Marauder, robbing listeners of their attention and hearing in hopes to establish a place for himself on the main stage. If heartfelt, intelligent rap is what your ears are craving check out his song “If I could say it all”.

If you’re looking to find out more about May Thurd’s musical movement check out interviews and performances on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Sound Cloud.