WTF! Cursing is Exceptable?

WTF! Cursing is Exceptable?

Profanity, makes life fun

We hear them in movies, songs and now we are seeing the F bomb in the dictionary. It seems as if curse words, are becoming more execptable to use in public.

However, is it okay to use these profanity whenever we feel like? Well according to author Timothy Jay of Science’s Perspectives on Psychological Science, “Swearing is like using the horn on our car, which can be used to signify a number of emotions: anger, frustration, joy, and surprise.”

We make decisions based on how we feel toward others. Jay goes on to say ” When in a mixed group people will choose to say milder taboo words than extreme words. For instants, in a mixed group people feel uncomfortable saying the “F word”, but they would say “damnit” as a less offensive word. This depends on who our audience is and how well you know them.

Swearing can be a crude act, but it  can have unexpected benefits. Neel Burton M.D. wrote a blog called, “The 7 Best Reasons for Swear.’In this reasons to swear guide: control and power are used when swearing. Swear words are becoming popular amongst friends. Using swear words to crack jokes and be humors. Swearing when people hurt themselves and need relief. When people want to get even with others. For self expression, how badly do you want something? Finally, people swear because of physical health.

Curing back in the day was said to be rude,obnoxious, and uneducated. Now a days cursing is a way of expressing how we are and what how we are feeling.