My Top 10 Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time


The nights are getting darker and darker by the minutes, the wind is screaming louder and louder, the colors of the leaves are changing from a witches green to a blood stained red. Halloween is slowly creeping up on us. As a tribute to all the vampires, zombies, and knife stabbing psychos out there I made the top 10 scariest horror films of all time.

Enjoy, if you dare!

10. Cujo, this Stephen King’s novel and horror film is about a dog that gets rabbis from a bat. The dog then terrorizes a mother and her four year old son in a parked car. The reason why this film is so horrifying is the mother and child are trapped inside their car they cannot get out because they would be torn to bits by Cujo. Also Cujo is trying to get inside the car and eat them. By incorporating being trapped in a small area, and having a big dog with rabbis attack this family over and over this movie made me think twice about approaching not just big dogs but dogs in general.

9. Fatal Attraction, the psychological thriller of a dominate woman who doesn’t take “no” as an answer was one of the scariest movies I have ever seen. She will go to great lengths and harm this man’s family just to get her way. The man’s family has a pet rabbit. The scene that is must unbearable to watch is when the man’s wife goes into the kitchen and notice a pot of boiling water is on the stove. Her daughter is running the cage where the rabbit lives. At the same time the wife and child scream because the dead rabbit is inside the boiling pot. Fatal Attraction is so terrifying because it’s about desire and want. How far is one person going to go until they completely lose control.

8. Dawn of the Dead, the classic 1960s movie is one of my favorites because it was the first zombie movie. The movie was shot in black and white. This movie paved the way for all other zombie movies to be made. The reason way this movie is scary is the thought of dead people walking the earth and eating human flash is extremely terrifying to think of. The most famous line and scariest was when a zombie is in the cemetery and Barbara’s boyfriend says,”They are coming to get you Barbara.”

7. When a Stranger Calls, The worst feeling when being a lone in your house or someone else is the fear of another watching you. The plot of the story is a teenage girl is babysitting in this house. Every once in a while the phone rings, she picks it up but no one is on the other end. She calls the police and they trays the call. At the end they find out that the calls are coming from inside the house. Don Don Daaaaah! When I was a teenager I worked as a babysitter. Thank God nothing like this every happened. The original film was shown in late 1970s.

6. Nightmare on Elm’s Street, one two Freddy’s coming for you. Three four better lock your door. Five six grab your crucifix. Seven eight better stay up late. Nine ten never sleep again. This film was so original yet so common. Everyone has nightmares once in a while the thing is you can never escape them. Just like you can never escape Freddy Cruger. In a scary scene the main character is telling her boyfriend stay up until midnight then come over to my house. She then says, “Whatever you do don’t fall asleep.” Will midnight comes and the boyfriend is sleeping all of a sudden freddy’s claw comes out of the bed and drags the boyfriend into the bed where he is killed and blood is gushing up on the ceiling.

5. Cabin Fever, this is a gory movie that takes place in a camp site in the forest. This film is scary because you never know what infections or diseases you are going to get out in the wilderness. The plot is a group of friends go camping in the woods and at first they are having fun enjoying the outdoors. However, a man hunting deer gets a flesh eating infection from the animals and starts to lose his skin. He dies in a river that is unfortunately connected to the groups water supply. Because they don’t know that the hunter is floating in the river one by one each person gets the flesh eating disease. This is pretty much why I am never going camping.

4. Dead Silence, as a kid I never liked ventriloquies. I would think that the dummy was real and that made me shiver with fear. The story is Mary Shaw was a ventriloquies. She had a dummy named Billy who thought he was a real kid. The villagers did not like Shaw so they killed her and cut out her tongue. I know, pretty grouse. And know she haunts people with her dolls and cuts out their tongues. This movie scares me because anything doll that can talking gives me the creeps.

3. Psycho, Hitchcock did a great job at getting inside our minds and showing us the meaning of a true psychopath. The famous shower scene is the reason why I always look twice when taking a shower. That scene is hands down the worst thing anyone can think of because you are completely venerable. In this 60s horror film there is sign of nudity, blood, or stabbing.

2. Jaws, don ah! Don ah! Don ah! I saw this movie when I was 13 and I was scared to take a bath let alone swim in the ocean. It’s not only the shark that scares me it’s the constant heart pounding music that foreshadows what is to come. The famous quote from Jaws is when Mike the police officer gets startled by Jaws. “I think we need a bigger boat.”

1. The Amityville Horror, not the remake the 1970s film. This film scared me so much I could not sleep for weeks. This film is the scariest film because it is based on a true tragedy. The owners of the house in Amityville, NY where shot and killed by their own family member. To this day the gunman has not been found. A scary scene in Amityville Horror is the family wants to bless the house. So a priest comes to the house and starts blessing the house. All of a sudden swarms of bees start flying toward the priest. The window closes and a voice that yells, “Get out!” The priest is so scared that he runs out of the unblessed house.

I hope you liked my top 10 scariest horror movies. Happy Halloween!