Tis The Season To Be Stressed: Helpful Tips To Make Holiday Worries Go Away

Tis The Season To Be Stressed: Helpful Tips To Make Holiday Worries Go Away

As the days and Thermometers dwindle down to the holiday season so do peoples’ patients. Just the other day I witnessed a van trying the get in front of a small compacted car in a local county mall. The person in the van got so frustrated they drove off cutting several other cars that were waiting on line.
It seems like every year around Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas no one has patients or time anymore. I can understand why people are stressed during the three weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. First if your family is hosting Thanksgiving they need to go to their super market ASAP. Second you wake up on November 1, and then you blink and it’s Thanksgiving Day, where has the time done! Yes holidays can bring out the worst in people, but you don’t have to pull your hair out.

A blog called Excelled gives advice for all you last minute stress makers. The first advice from Excelled is have a plan: make a plan of the day. Write down what you need for the day or the following days leading up to Thanksgiving. Other tips involve keeping it simple. Don’t go over the top on your first run, stick to family traditions. This strategy will limit you from making mistakes.
When it comes to Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving I can safely say, I have never stood in line at midnight to get electronics, clothes, or the latest toys for half off. So when people tell me they are going Black Friday shopping I simply shake my head. Furthermore, if you are one of those people how live in the moment here are some tips to survive Black Friday.

According to The Examiner.com, the first tip which is probably the most important tip: take a nap. After Thanksgiving dinner the turkey’s tryptophan will make you sleepy along with all the other food items. Also Wal-mart, Target and other major warehouse stores are opening two hours earlier from last year’s Black Friday. So make sure you are rested, because you will probably be up all night.

Second have a plan and then have a backup plan. Retail companies want your money. Make a list of all the stores you want to visit and another list of what you need. However, if you are going shopping with your family or friends make sure you can stop where they are at all times. The last thing you want to happen is for someone you love to be hurt or even killed. This brings me to tip number three.

Expect the worst. Do you remember a few years back when that lady and man got trampled by hundreds of greedy consumes. If yes well that is absolutely the worst thing that could happen on Black Friday. Just remind yourself there is chaos everywhere and people turn into vulchers. The sad thing is people continue to act this way on Black Friday and the days leading up to Christmas and the holiday season.
It was last year in December, I went with my mom to Wal-mart to buy a Kindle Fire. The store was so crowded it was impossible to move without bumping into someone else. I told my mom “Never again will I going to Wal-mart during the holiday season.”

Some quick tips for getting what you need without getting a headache this holiday season. Shop online, it’s efficient, you know where everything is, and it’s quite. If you need to go out to shop go during the weekdays. There will be less lines and more help from the people who work there.
When it comes to the holidays: food shopping, gift buying, and surviving the Black Friday mob just remember the advice I shared. There are better ways to deal with stress than going mad.