My Top Five New Year’s Resolutions For 2013

My Top Five New Years Resolutions For 2013

Three, two, one happy New year! As the world welcomed 2013 at midnight on January 1, people in New York and across America welcomed their new year’s resolutions. However, a lot of people do not keep their resolutions. I am one of those people who say they will workout, become organized, and make a budget, but after a few weeks I break my resolution. I learned that having good morals, common sense, and respect for myself is much more important than losing a couple of pounds.

Never fear I have some alternative resolutions everyone can do and be successful after doing them. So without farther a due here are my top five alternative resolutions for 2013.

5. Have patients when dealing with people. Maybe you were rushing during the holidays trying to get the perfect gifts for your family and friends. Maybe you flipped out in front of someone such as an employee, relative, or the slow moving driver in front of you on Christmas Eve at your local shopping mall. It is better to have patients and take each problem step by step, instead of rushing getting angry and potentially getting into an accident. You also look more professional and mature waiting rather than yelling at others and making a scene in public.

4. This resolution is something I still have to learn. It’s called don’t sweat the small stuff. Life in general is sometimes difficult; whether you are dealing with unemployment, debt from the holidays, or a particular family member it might seem as if the world is on your shoulders. As a young adult trying to make a living in today’s lifestyle I am constantly thinking of ways to improve my life. And I learned thinking this ways is completely normal. People should have thoughts of moving up in life. However, the problem with me is I think of all my life goals as a sleep…or not sleep. I also get upset when things break in my house, not glasses or plates, but when the toilet gets clogged, or the washing machine breaks. Nevertheless, when I got older I learned to deal with these things much better than when i was a teenager. What I’m saying is as we get older and as we mature, we learn to deal with little problems more professionally than when we were younger. However, little problems have a way of causing people such as myself to become stressed. The solution, tell yourself is this really worth stressing over? If not, don’t sweat it.

3. Help someone besides yourself. In today’s lifestyle people are always on the move; with is great, but as Americans we are constantly thinking about our self. Now, I know people give back during the holiday season and when natural disasters occur; with is a great way to help out those in need and make another persons, families, and communities feel blessed. But they do we help people on “certain days?” What happens the other 364 days of the year? Helping your neighbor shovel out their drive way when it snows is a kind act of shivery. Volunteering at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter once a week is also a kind act, but you’re giving someone who don’t have a family, a house, or anything at all, just the clothes on their backs. You also can create a strong friendship with those you help.

2. Don’t hate, appreciate. This is for all the bullies out there that have said mean, ignorant, or cruel comments to anyone else. People who hate others are usually jealous, insecure with themselves, or their life isn’t as great as the person they are bullying. It is easy to hate, but it is even easier to just say hi and start a conversation. After seeing videos of gay individuals, Amanda Todd, and voluble teens show us what happens to them at school and how they feel, Americans are still having a hard time understanding what made them so depressed and suicidal. Maybe the problem is not the bullied individual, maybe it is the people who do not understand their situation.
My solution is to go up to someone you do or do not know and start a conversation, it’s not that hard…trust me. this resolution also effects cyber bullying. Just the other day on Facebook one of my pages I subscribe to post a comment a girl tweeted about the new year. The girl made two mistakes; one wasn’t that big of a deal, but the other well just take a look…”Happy 2013th birthday Amierica!” Now you probably are saying, how stupid, this girl is so ignorant etc. When I first saw this I laughed, but then I read some of the comments. One person said, “There should be a caption under this that says, “Kill yourself.” First of all, we are all human; we all make mistakes, this mistake is pretty bad, but why would someone tell another person to go kill themselves over an uneducated tweet. We as Americans should look at ourselves and our problems before judging other people…and we should think twice before tweeting.

1. The internet is not the center of your universe. I know that the internet is a great way to keep in touch with old friends and make new ones.It knows where certain places are, and you can play music and watch videos as much as you wish. We can all agree that the internet has evolved into a technology that Americans (Such myself) cannot live without. However, do young adults still know what it was like living without the internet…probably not. Now before you start calling me an anti-technology woman, let me reassure you that I do indeed like today’s technology, I just do not like what it is doing to our education system and how we interact with each other. Like that girl who tweeted Amierica was 2013 years old, or how young kids, teenagers, and adults are communicating through their Facebook account and not their mouths.
My Solution, there is sometime called outside. How do you think your parents had fun when they were kids and teens? They went out side and played sports, created new games, etc. I understand that kids still do that, but they know how to operate an iPhone also. I think if we knew how to turn on and off the technology switch in our minds we wouldn’t have to deal with cyber bullying. We would help other people; not just ourselves. We wouldn’t sweat the small stuff like how we look in photos, what people would stay about our status updates, and how many “likes” we will get got posting something. We would be more patient when it comes to interacting with the public.
Hey, if you don’t “like” what I am saying, that’s fine your opinion belongs to you. Happy 2013 everyone!