I Will Survive

I Will Survive

Is it just me, or does the Spring Semester come and go at a rapid pace? It seems as if my college life is passing me by. However, I believe around the last week or so of this semester more finals, test, persentations and research papers are due all at one time.

And yet students end up stressing, procrastinating and pulling our his or her hair. Well hopefully not the last example.

Everyone wants the summer to arrive aspa, but unforunately work has to be done in order for students to completely enjoy their summer vacation. I get it we are sick of notebooks, pens and paper, and we want more barbecues, pool parties, and fun at the beach. But just remember this: Finals only last a week or two summer vacation last for two to three months. To give advice for anyone who is stressing here are some helpful tips.

Plan ahead: now if you have two lives, one at school and one at work this might be a challenge. Nevertheless, make a note to yourself i.e. “On this day my English paper is due,” “May 8 is my final.” In doing so you will be aware of what is due and what is happening in the future; and you will never forget.

Get enough sleep: I know, I know this is probably the hardest to be for college kids including myself. Why? For one part I think about things I have to be or sure be doing constantly. like I touched based in my pervious blogs I do this because it is a habit. But I am slowly breaking that habit by getting eight hours of sleep.
Sleep helps with the thought proccess, which in return can help with passing your finals.

Take a walk: Of course students are going to be working on their final projects at this time, but every once in-a-while get some fresh air. if you are stressed go outside and play ball or go to a local park, or hang out with friends. This will help you relax and it will help your sanity as well, ha.

These tips do not always have to apply with finals week, they go up and beyond this point. Just imagine summertime and all of its glorious events, activities, and memories. Now go kick ass on all your finals.