Arrow- 18-20


Rodney Jones, Impact Staff

This episode of “Arrow” opens with Oliver hunting a new target from his list who owned apartment buildings that weren’t up to code. Poor wiring resulted in a fire that killed tenants, and poor heating froze tenants to death prior to the fire.
Someone named the Savior abducted the man Oliver was hunting, and broadcasted his execution. Oliver wanted him returned alive, believing that any personal connection to the deaths you cause make it a vendetta, and therefore, murder.
The story shifts to Thea at Roy’s house. A friend of Roy’s knocked on the door and gave him a gun. Thea and Roy argue about his life, Thea stating he didn’t have to live that way, and Roy arguing that he does not have that choice.
The story moved to Laurel, who walked in on a meeting between her parents as they looked for new evidence about Sara. Laurel thought that her father would be able to make her mother accept that Sara was not alive, but her plan backfired, and her father became convinced.
Suddenly, every phone in Starling City was connected to a live video feed of a local attorney tied and pleading for his life. The viewers discover that the Savior captured this man because he failed to convict the man who murdered his wife.
Oliver had Felicity attempt to find the location the video was coming from, however, his location moved quickly every time Felicity had a lock on him. The man died while Felicity tried to find him. This was the first time technology had failed her in saving a life.
The narrative moves to a flashback with Oliver and Slade facing Fyers and his men. During the trade, the circuit board for a way off the island, Fyers brought out Yao Fei’s daughter, threatening to kill her. The groups fight, separating from Yao Fei, but saving his daughter.
The story moved back to the present. Laurel found the women suspected to be her sister. It wasn’t Sara, which devastated her parents.
Thea and Roy meet at night before Roy can use the gun he had. A man ran up and drugged Roy, and took his body away. Starling City gets a new video feed of Roy as the next execution target.
The story moves back to Laurel, who tries to get her mother to move on from Sara. The picture of the woman who looked like Sara had a hat on that Dinah knew she had on when she left on the boat. This makes Laurel question how she knew what Sara was wearing if no one saw her leave. Dinah tearfully confesses that she knew Sara was going on the boat, choosing not to tell Laurel because she could relate to Sara’s story; that is similar to how Dinah and Lance got together.
Diggle discovers that the killer could only move his location by a transportation system. He recalled that the subway system was shut down years ago, leaving it empty, and perfect for murder. Oliver goes after the man, and finds him, while the man argues his ideals. Oliver won’t listen to any of it. The Savior turns to shoot Roy, viewing him as incapable of change, but Oliver kills him before he can kill Roy.
Laurel later revealed to Oliver that her parents believed Sara was still alive. Confiding in Oliver, the two mend their friendship.
The flashback resumes, and after Oliver, Slade, and Shado, Yao Fei’s daughter made their escape, they find that the circuit board was stolen.
The story goes to Moira, who meets with Frank to tell him she gave his information up about his involvement in the assassination attempt. He is suddenly killed right in front of her.
Oliver visits Felicity to help her get over the death, stating that without her, they wouldn’t have saved Roy, and that not everyone can be saved. With the subway system now on the map, Oliver, Diggle and Felicity discover that it was a part of the Glades, and whatever Moira had planned has to do with the Glades.
The net episode begins with a girl who is high on vertigo dancing in the street. She is hit by a car and dies. Oliver visits the Count, believing he is responsible. He discovers that the Count couldn’t have done it because he had lost his mind form the vertigo overdose.
The Count breaks out of the institution, leaving Oliver to believe that he was faking his illness the entire time.
Detective Lance fins the redistribution of vertigo unsettling, and knows that the girl who died left Oliver’s club. Lance believes that this is where she got the drug, and goes to investigate. Tommy makes him come back with a warrant, and moves Oliver’s possessions in his lair before Lance returns. Lance checks the basement, only to see club merchandise, and leaves.
Oliver had suspicions that Tommy had really sold vertigo based on his past. Tommy, furious that liver couldn’t let the past go considering Oliver used to do the same crimes, quits the club, and goes to his father for a job.
Felicity traces an anti-psychotic in the drug, and the group realizes that it is the psychiatrist who brought vertigo back. Oliver goes to confront him, but gets drugged, so Diggle fights them while Oliver vomits the drug out of his system. He kills the psychiatrist, and they leave.
Detective Lance confesses that he was wrong for trying to bring Sara’s memory back after all of those years.
Oliver managed to get over himself long enough to find Lawton for Diggle. Lawton murdered his brother, and Oliver is willing to help Diggle kill him.
The next episode begins with Diggle training for Deadshot. The very next scene flashes with Deadshot killing a man at a banquet.
Oliver, in between training with Diggle, plans to go to lunch with Laurel. Laurel, however, is forced to cancel. She meets a family who lost all of their savings, but the person who did it has a team of lawyers. She intended to challenge this team, but that night, the family had a break in, and a man named Mr. Blank killed them with a silenced gun. Their son escaped, but not before Mr. Blank saw his face.
Laurel takes temporary custody of the boy, until his grandparents are contacted.
While in Laurel’s home, Tommy, Laurel and the child are attacked by Mr. Blank, but the Hood saves them from dying. Tommy suggests that they go to Oliver’s house because of the many security guards there.
Deadshot had been thrown bait by the police force, and Diggle and Oliver were going to kill him. However, the man who hired Mr. Blank would be leaving the city, so Oliver had to choose between the two. He chose the man who hired Mr. Blank, leaving Diggle to fight Deadshot on his own. Diggle loses the fight, and leaves Oliver’s group because of Oliver backing out of a promise.
Mr. Blank shows up to the Queen home to kill the remaining murder witnesses, but Oliver fights and kills him. This makes Tommy realize that everything he does will not equal what Oliver has done, so he leaves Laurel believing they should be together.
The flashbacks in this episode showed Shado teaching Oliver how to use a bow.
These episodes showed Oliver being annoying overall. Why he believed he could back out on a deal is beyond me, and his attitude towards other people is starting to get on my nerves. I believe that he is just as much as a murderer as everyone he is judging all of the time, but by not having a personal connection to the deaths, he is worse than them. They just have incentive to kill where he doesn’t.