Stop Abusing Children

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Mother smacking daughter bottom Original Filename: 82871178.jpg

Why should anyone harm a child? Why should children have to suffer because individuals are wicked and selfish?

Children abuse is sometimes done by their own parents.Parents are the reason that children come into the world. The parents are the caregivers most times. They are suppose to love, care, and train their children for the future . Some claim they love them but abuse is not love. Children do not deserve to feel hated or treated like they are a dart boards. No one deserves to go through such damage:whether it is physical or mental abuse.

Discipling your children  are a good thing because they need to know what’s right and what’s wrong but there many right ways to do it. Some people go overboard and act like the children are their toys or their enemy. There are too many situations with child abuse;some are reported but some are not.

The story that urged me to write about abuse and punishment is the news story talking about the  two parents who spent two years withholding food from a 6 year old. Michael Roberts and Georgena Roberts, the father and stepmother of the victim. The reason they did this was to punish the child. The child ended up dying at 17 pounds.  I know 17 pounds as a six year old? He was extremely malnourished. They have been using this punishment for  a long time. It is sickening. They also used this punishement on their 7 year old and possibly their other five children. They were both charged with first-degree murder and felony count of child endangerment. They deserve to go jail for a long time.

Who would ever thinking of starving a child is punishment? Everyone knows food is a need for the body. There is a difference between disciplining your child the right way and punishing them. Punishment is  inflicting pain, rough treatment, and penalty. That is definitely the worst way to try to get your child to listen to you or to do what you want them to do. Punishment just makes your child turn rebellious, get depressed, and feel unloved. Parents need to train themselves and do their research on the right way to get their child to listen and to behave.

Discipling is training your child on how to do certain things the right way and making them learn the consequences for their actions. There are so much ways to discipline your child the right ways.

This is some tips on how to discipline your child the right way:

  • Make sure to clearly tell your child rules exceptions,so that they can understand. Remember you must talk to children different ages a different way, so that they can understand.
  • Explain to them why you’re discipling them. Don’t attack or hit them.
  • Let them know the consequences to their actions. However, the consequences should not harm or endanger them.
  • Take things away from them when they misbave like their toys or their devices. Don’t let them do something they love like watch television or go outside to play with their friends. Don’t just take something away or, ground them, send them to their room without having a conversation with them.
  • Let your children explain why they did something, this will also help both of you to get an understanding of why they did what they did. It will also help the in the future, where they will be able to explain themselves better.
  • Don’t call your child hateful names when you’re mad.
  • Reward them when they do good, so when they do bad they can see the difference of behaving good and bad.

There me are so much more tips out there that you get from researching, disclipining books, or there even people that are trained to help. If you seek help or information on disciplining your children the way you will find it.

Something needs to change. There  are nearly 700,000 are abused in the United States annually. Most of the reason is from neglect. 17.2% suffered physical abuse; and 8.4% suffered sexual abuse. Some children suffered more than one treatment and the worst part is that is four out five children are abused by their parents, according to National Statistics on Child Abuse.

There are too much children suffering because parents feel they are “punishing” them for their bad behavior. Pain and suffering does not make your children listen or do what you tell them. It makes hate and be scared of you. Why would you want your child to be afraid of you?

Abuse not only leads to physical pain but psychological disorders. There are about 80% of 21-year-olds who were abused as children met at least one psychological disorder criteria, according to Do Something.

Abuse messses up someone life and most are never the same again.

Don’t let your children walk over you or think they are the adult and you’re the child. Discipline them. Just do it the right way please.

If you know anyone that is being abused, please report it. Speak up. You can save a child from the abuse and even save their life.