The Fear of the Future

The Fear of the Future

Graduation is quickly approaching and I am excited for that. However, I am nervous at the same time. Now is time to try to find a job in my field but I have doubts. The question that haunts me at night is “will I be successful in the future?”

Some people are confident about where exactly they want to be in life or have already secured a job in their field but I am not one of those people. I would like to be one of those people but my confidence when it comes to jobs and the future is not high. I have so many doubts. These are the times where I wish I could see the future but I know that’s impossible. My problem might be that I overthink everything.

I know not everyone gets the opportunity to do what they really want to do so end up settling. There are many people that don’t get the job that they went to school for. They end up doing something else instead because that’s where they get hired. It’s hard and depressing to work at a job where you do not love what you are doing. I know the hiring process is very competitive and there are many people fighting for that one spot, so it’s not easy.

I don’t want to settle for the rest of my life. I want to be happy and proud doing something that I love. When people do things that they love and enjoy, it makes them so much happier and proud. I have seen it and even experience it. They work harder and become more creative because that’s where they want to be. People interest do change from time to time and that is fine. They should be where they want, so they don’t get angry or sad when going to work. Everyone should work at a job they love because they will be inspired to work hard and do an awesome job at it.

From my internship with Bronxnet, it made me realized I really love the Media field. It’s really exciting and it made me happy to be working in it. I use te to go to work happy and was not even getting paid for it. Granted no job is perfect and there will be times where there will be conflicts but that is okay. I know in the future it will not always be a happy setting because there are things that will happen beyond my control. However, I feel I am ready to get in the field and try my best to do what I love.

I have many things I would like to try and master in my journalism field. I know the opportunities will not just jump in my face and I will have to work hard to become successful.

I am not perfect at what I want to do and still have to practice a lot. I would like to improve on my writing and interviewing skills. I want speak clearer so people can understand me  and get better at talking in front of the video camera. I want my work and my personality to  connect with viewers and readers.I know life is not a candy store and I can’t get everything that I want but I would like to get as much out of my field as I can. Working and doing what I love at the same time will make me happy. I want to continue gaining experience to become a pro in future. Not perfect because no one is perfect and there is always room for improvement.

I wrote this column not  because I only wanted to share my fear. I wanted to share how I was feeling so if anyone else is scared like me they can see that they are not alone. We just have to work hard to get where we want to be and never give up. I feel even if you get rejected by some people that shouldn’t let that stop you. It might hurt and feel that you are not good enough but use it as motivation to continue and to prove them wrong. We just have to put ourselves out there and use social media also to help do that. It is good to talk to people in field that you would like to work in because they usually give good advice and tips to help you get where you want to be. Consistency, patience, and hard work might be the key to fulfilling our dream. We will just see what happens in the future. Just remember don’t give up if you feel scared or rejected.