Physical fitness and Eating Healthy Can Be Hard


Summer is coming up. Yes that time of year to be free and wear anything you want is right around the corner. I guess for some it’s considered no clothes season too. Crop top, sundresses, bikinis and short pants time. We all want to look and feel good while we show off our outfits and that body. Unless you’re naturally fit, it takes a lot of work to get that flat stomach, tight glutes, but not everyone is mentally strong to do what it takes or doesn’t want to.

The part I feel is the most difficult is eating healthy only without eating junk or fatty snacks. Every time I say that I am going to stay away,I feel myself buying more junk. It’s even harder when you have friends like Liv and Matt who influence you to get it because you only live once. When that hamburger, cheesecake, cookies, fries, and fry chicken call your name, how do you decline? How do you not regret saying no to those tasty foods? When you crave something, it can be so hard to stop thinking about it until you give in. I want  to train my mind and body to not give into temptation no matter how hard it may be. It have so many delicious tasting and smelling junk food. However, they are not good for us.

Junk food really affects our body and I don’t mean on the outside only. Junk food is foods that are very high in calories but low in nutrients, according to Merriam-Webster. More than one-third American adults are living with obesity. This can cause health issues like stroke, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Junk food causes you to feel tired.

It’s no doubt that junk food is just as addictive as drugs is for some. Our body is suppose to regulate how much we eat. However the problem junk is that the different food manufacturers have found a way to overthrow our natural instincts for it to cause hyper-rewarding and overeating, according to Mercola. This is a big problem for the consumers because it’s hard to stop. It’s an addiction.

Water is also very important. Get rid of the soda and beer. Health line and other health authorities recommend eight glasses in one day. Try to drink it even when you are not thirsty. Drink it with your meals. Drink juice once in awhile but more water.

Exercise is so important if you want to be fit and healthy too but sometimes we tend to be lazy, tired from from work or school. Sometimes sitting, chilling,watching tv, and sleeping just seems like the better idea. However, that’s a next thing you have to train your mind to be strong of. When you are out of breath from walking up five, ten, and even twenty stairs that’s a problem. A big problem. Your body doesn’t get the amount of activeness it needs in a day.

You know the cliche line that people say “health is wealth.” It is so true though. Your health is so important. It don’t ensure you will live till the age of 100 since anything can kill you but it can help to avoid a lot of health problems that unhealthy eating causes. If you can avoid doing something to stop you from having to go to the hospital and taking all those pills in the future, you should try.

Exercise can help to make you feel good and even motivate. Some people are better at exercising alone and others are better with exercising with a group.Personally, I exercise better with a group or with at least one person.  Do what you think will help you to stick with it.

If you start exercising, you do not have to exercise for seven days a week. I remember in the past, I thought you had to but now I know three to five is the best option. Rest days are so important too. Also, you do not have to go to a gym just to exercise. You can exercise at home, the park, anywhere that has some space. There so many different exercise that are out there. There are certified trainers that help you to get to the goal that you are seeking. There is even YouTube trainers if you can’t afford to pay one or don’t have the time to meet with one all the time. Take advantage of it.

The problem with people like me have we make excuses for why we are not doing it or haven’t done it since three weeks ago. We have to stop and really mentally train ourselves or just stop wasting our words saying we will get serious. Actions are definitely better than words. Becoming consistent to the point where no excuse unless is health reasons can stop you from exercising. Set goals. Something that really helps is having a friend that exercises too so that you guys can motivate each other.

If you don’t care to stop eating junk, this wasn’t for you. Live your life, your body is own. However, for people that want to stop eating junk and want to exercise more try hard. Pretend you are being graded for it if you have to. Find someone that is into healthy eating and exercising that inspires you if that helps. Researching helps too.  If you stick to it, the results will be awesome. Just try to have fun with it.

P.S. You can still eat junk once in awhile but not every day or every week. Don’t overdo it.