Your Problems Won’t Last Forever


Sometimes certain situations are bothering us and it feels like it is the end of the world. You may want to a break from your normal life or reality, even if it’s for a day. Sometimes a vacation, hobby, or even a book can help but not everyone have the time to do that. Sometimes those things don’t even help with what you are going through. It feels like you can’t shake whatever you are feeling or can’t get time to be alone.It may make you feel depressed and unhappy. It might cause you to have low self esteem or even feel alone. It happens to a lot of people, you are not alone. This is a part of human life.

Life can suck up your energy. One thing I have realized is the tough times will fade eventually, might take month or  years but it will get better. Just remember it won’t always be that way. Your life will turn around one day to give you the freedom you desire.

Be patient and be kind. Even when you are going through your tough times, try not pass your anger on others. Despite what you feeling, be nice to others. You wouldn’t want someone to pass their anger from their problems on you. I know from experience a lot of people do that and it helps them cope. However, putting someone down just because of what your feeling is not the correct way to go. I know it may hard for some people to stop but that’s something they should work on.

Don’t give up even when it feels like that’s the best option. There are people out there who love you and won’t give up on you even when it seem like they don’t. Everyone is busy with their life, so communicating all the time is something that might be hard to do. Don’t feel like everyone have left you. They might be going through their own problems too. You can hit them up, even if it is for small talk.

Despite what it happening in your life be grateful even for the smallest thing. When you think you have it bad, think about the people that have it worse and is suffering more. Sometimes we tend to forget how blessed we are. I know some people don’t like to hear this when they going through their issues. However, it is true. We are blessed and this rough road will be fixed one day. Life is not perfect and it is not meant to me. All those trial and error that we go through, really helps to make us strong and even change our mentality sometimes. It helps to form our identity. I don’t think it was meant for our life to stay the same way or for it to be easy. As we grow, things change and different things occur that change our life for the better or for the worse.

There are people willing to help you. Seek professional if you need to, trust me there is someone out there who can help you. Don’t be ashamed to ask or seek help. We can’t always do or deal with everything alone, even if we try. It is not healthy especially when you know you need the help. Keeping all your problems to yourself can seriously affect your mind and cause depression. I really recommend if you are going through something serious or feeling depressed to see someone. Keeping it to yourself will only make things worse for you.

Trust me, one day you will overcome what you are feeling. It may not feel like it now but it will. Sometimes the things we went through makes us stronger and even more motivated than we were before. No one is perfect and no one has a perfect life. Just because someone is always smiling and laughing means they don’t go through tough times too. It’s apart of life. We are humans. You might be able to help someone that is going through what you were going through in the future. You might be able to bring them up from the ocean bottom up for air. You might be able to save them from their problems. Be patient and seek help if you feel like you feel your problems are taking over your life and happiness.