It’s Your Life Not Theirs (Rant)

Its Your Life Not Theirs (Rant)

Tanasia Patterson, Staff Writer

This past weekend I saw something that caught my attention. While I was on my Facebook page I came across the video of Milan and Miles from Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. They were guest on the Wendy Williams Show. Normally when guests arrive on the show people clap for them, but in their case two audience members didn’t.  Here’s the thing it is 2015 people. There are same sex marriages now. People need to get with the times. People are just so ignorant. Who are you to tell someone who they can and cannot love? People need to realize they cannot dictate what people do. They are so unhappy with themselves that they try to bring others down with them. People can never let others be happy. Misery loves company.

The thing I hate the most is when people try to bring God into it. People love to say that God didn’t create man and woman to like the same sex but to reproduce. That is understandable. The ignorance comes along when people say it is a “Sin” to be Gay or God didn’t create gay people. Newsflash everyone sins if you want to be technical.  Now the question is if he didn’t create Gay people then how did they get here. It is frowned upon in just about every church. People hate to see things they aren’t familiar with. When people act that way it makes others uncomfortable. They tend to want people to be understanding for them but have no compassion towards others.

I feel as though if you give people the chance to be themselves and express how they feel you will make the world a better place. People do not realize being gay is not always a choice. You can’t change how someone feels. It’s their life not yours.  There are often cases when the person doesn’t feel as though they can come out to their family. Society doesn’t make it any better because there are people out there who still have negative things to say about people who like the same sex.

People need to realize they cannot dictate someone else’s life. If the person is happy let them be. You don’t have to like it but don’t turn up your nose to them because it isn’t what you would do. You need to remember IT’S THEIR LIFE NOT YOURS!