A Letter to Me from Me 


Getty Images/iStockphoto

hand of a woman drawing in a jotter on the table, selective focus

Dear Ery, 

Life has never been its kindest, but you’ve survived it to this point. From an outsider looking in, some might believe your life is easy, and some may even dare utter “privileged.” At what cost is what they refuse to ask you? To an extent, you’ve been blessed tremendously, but your heart has remained the same for a while, though your mental peace has been jeopardized. You were left in pieces at a young age. 

The responsibility of your feelings and tender, young soul fell on you. We found those pieces and picked up every single shattered one. Our new heart might look a little strange, but isn’t everyone a little weird? 

Right now, you’re stronger than you could have ever imagined. Your heart has warmed and it grew a few sizes. Our childhood trauma no longer dictates our actions, and our inner child is partially free. Self-love has come to us, and I don’t understand at this moment why we never loved every single brown inch. 

Please never forget the pain and trauma that has gotten you to this point because it has made you into who you are. Your empathy and warm spirit stem from that, and without it, you would not be you. You are you because you are you, not because of anyone else. 

There will always be ups and downs in your life, which I’m guessing comes with the territory, but please never forget your happy, exhilarating moments when those sad moments get too much to bear. Remember when your cheeks burned so bad from laughing and smiling at your crush, instead of the normal unwarranted silence that came from being unsure about yourself? 

Do not allow your memories to fade because of the pain that might be brought forth during those conflicting moments. You chose happiness, but that never meant that it would stay forever. At times, your body may feel cold because of what’s being projected onto you from others, or it may seem that there’s no peace in the air, but that’s okay. Breathe – in and out. Breathe. Keep taking every single day one step at a time, while continuously reminding yourself that tomorrow holds 24 brand new hours. Life is never complacent unless you choose to make it that way, and your thoughts are never stuck until you’re no longer here. 

As sure as the sun rises every morning and as sure as the moon illuminates dark paths are as sure as your place on this Earth is. No one is here by accident, and your life matters too, no matter what others may try to make you feel. 

This thing called “life”  is hard, and nobody ever said it wasn’t going to be. You don’t get a new book as you grow on “how to grow,” and you don’t get favors handed out to you, which we know. 

I want you to know, Erykah, and anyone else reading, that you’re special, and that life is going to change. Eventually, some things will come easier, but every single day you get chosen to wake up again is another day to right your wrongs, choose happiness, and choose love.

You made it here, and you’re still making it with phenomenal growth, adding beautiful chapters to your story. Never forget to appreciate the growth that will contribute to your future.