Rave Like Nobody’s Watching


Music blasting through the speakers. Everybody smiling, screaming, jumping in the air and singing to the beat of the music.

Now wait for it.

The artist is about to drop the beat. More screaming and excitement.

“Just give it to me already!”, yells one.

When the beat drops, everybody loses it.

Confetti paper is being shot to the crowd; flame explosion from the stage and multi-colored lights are being flashed everywhere.

Everybody in the crowd jumping ten feet from the ground, people would start a mosh pit, screaming as if they were getting murdered and waving, along with fist pumping like theres no tomorrow.

I was no different.

Jumping in the air and waving one hand in the air with an alcoholic drink in the other and yelling, “YASS,” while trying not to lose my flower shape shades. That was me this past summer at three major EDM (electronic dance music) festivals.

When I share my experience as a first time EDM attendee with someone, these are the typical questions and remarks I get:

“Oh my god Christian! You could’ve heard those songs at the club. Did you do molly or coke? Did you passed out in the middle of the ground while doing ecstasy?”

Not really. No and no but I did know someone who blacked out and ended with bruises. I also did witness people snort and swallow some drugs. Heck, they even offered me some and I politely declined by lying.

“Each time I do Molly I sweat like crazy. And my sweat really stinks badly.”

It all started when a friend of mine, Gustavo, asked me if I wanted to go to EDC, Electric Daisy Carnival.

“You mean the big concerts where the DJ just pushes the play button and does nothing while everyone goes ballistic,” I replied.

“Nah it’s not like that. They actually play and mix their music. The lineup is pretty sick yo. I’m going to close with DJ Snake.”

Then I thought to myself, ‘do I really want to spend over 500 dollars, plus hotel and food for two days? Listening to the music while being surrounded and being overly crowded with people sweating from the heat. It can’t be that bad right?’

After many persuasive talks and harassing texts, I caved in and bought my tickets for EDC. There goes my textbook money down the drain. Soon I bought tickets for Life In Color and Ezoo.

Before my journey began at these EDM festivals, I was given one very helpful tip from my friend.

“Dress as a raver – some neon colors, tanks and plain shorts should do it. Don’t go dressed up as button down casual, Christian.”

When I first stepped into CitiField, all I saw were girls in  bright colored two piece bikinis, covered in glitter and wearing blue fur boots that was made from the Surfs chest hair. Some girls just taped their nipples with a single piece of tape and just wore a bottom piece. Majority of the guys had plain tanks and shorts. Then, there were guys who wore literally nothing but tight underwear trunks.

Trust me, I am glad that I took my friends advice.

Yes, I was admired with the half naked people I surrounded myself with.

Wink, wink.

I was also admired with their creativity of their outfits. There were a few people who just wore a banana and animal costumes. It was like Halloween all over again.

For Ezoo, I was dressed as zoo explorer on the first day. The next two days, I wore a zebra striped and cheetah print shirt.

Hence the “zoo” in the Ezoo.

The first rule you always break when going to these music festivals, is splitting up from the group – especially when the majority of the group is drunk. And the thought of knowing theres five different stages that have various DJs performing.

How did I find my friends?

With the help of the big picture of the crying Kim Kardashian and the big purple Harambe statue.

Throughout these festival, there were people with big totem signs of memes, pop culture reference and real world issues. One guy had a “Vote for Trump” sign.

Lets just say that sign didn’t last long.

When I heard that David Guetta was going to perform, I had to see him upfront and close. I didn’t pay big bucks to see these DJs from a mile away.

I saw a guy making his way up front. So I quickly grabbed his bag and yelled at him.

“You lead. I follow. We’ll take turns leading the way up front.”

After many shoves, I made it up close to see David Guetta and once he played “Titanium,” I jumped, danced and cried like a baby. That song just brings up a lot of memories for me.

Within a couple minutes, I was able to see Carnage, Bassnectar, Steve Aoki, and the Chainsmokers right in front of me. Another way to see them up close is get into VIP, which I was extremely lucky to get into VIP to see Excision.

Jumping, screaming and dancing is what I’ve done the whole night.

Yeah, I was grinding up on people and I may have done some booty grabbing. One thing that I observed were the flags that were being waved up in the air.

The American flag, Mexico, Brazil, Greece and even the Gay Pride flag were up in the sky. Strangers helping each other to spread and wave various flags; it’s quite amazing how music can unite everyone.

Throughout my whole experience attending these music festivals, I forgot the real world totally existed. I forgot to pay that car insurance that was due the next day and I oddly forgot that I came here with six other people.

Once the final DJ performs, its all over. It’s time for reality and time for work the next day.

By the end of night, I reunited with my group of friends at the lost and found tent, ironically. Squeeze ourselves inside the car with eight people for this long car ride.

Before my friend started the ignition, I smiled and asked out loud, “So when’s the next EDM festival?”