The Time I Almost Died

Do not Chug Vodka Straight from the Bottle.


We’re going to throw it back in time for this one.

It was my sophomore year in high school and all of my friends decided to get together at this field that we would hang out at. Sadly, I had basketball practice that night, so I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it. However, my teammates and I decided we were going to try and get there as soon as practice was over.

Since we were in high school we obviously weren’t allowed to drink yet, and no, this did not stop us. Everyone was 17, so no one really even knew how to drink properly.

When practice was done I was pretty tired, but I didn’t want to miss out, so I went straight to the field to join the party. When I got there everyone was drinking and having a good time. I, too, felt inclined to have a drink or two.

This is how it all started.

People thought it was a good idea to hand me bottle after bottle, and I apparently thought it was a good idea to chug them all. It was all downhill from there.

There were so many types of vodka and I made them disappear real fast. How we thought this was a good idea, I will never know.

After four rounds of chugging bottles dry, I was basically a goner. I couldn’t walk straight for my life, but I certainly tried. The goal was to make it home and not get caught.

Home was a short walk away, so walk is what we did. I felt fine walking, and it was buying me some time. Eventually, one of my friends suggested that their dad could drive us the rest of the way because he was close-by. I did not want him to drive me home because of how blasted I was. He was already on the way so I had to keep my composure for another five minutes until I was home. I somehow mad it home. I walked in my house quietly absolutely wasted and did not know what to do. I went to my sisters room and hoped she can take care of my drunk ass. Sadly, she was not home. Everyone knows when you are drunk its not a good idea to just sleep right away. I did not know this and learned the hard way.

I then made a phone call to my girlfriend at the time and spoke bull shit for about 30 minutes until I fell asleep. In my sleep I though up all over myself and my bed. I was so drunk I did not realize and I fell back asleep. I then woke up at three in the morning sober and very panicked. I did not know what to do. My mom was bound to find out, so I decided to make up a lie. I told her that I had some bad McDonald’s and I woke up and vomited uncontrollably. My mom is the sweetest woman alive so she helped my clean up. There was a lot to clean my mattress was ruined and room was a disaster. I could of gotten in a lot of trouble but I lied my way out. I wish that I told the truth looking back on it because my mom is very understanding. I decided to lie my ass off and at the time I was happy that I did not get in trouble.

The bigger part of this story is that I could of died. I vomited in my sleep and could of choked and possibly died. After that I decided that I was going to know my limit and let myself get to that point ever again. Now I know when to stop and just enjoy drinking with my friends. In a way this little episode I had made me more mature about drinking and life itself. While I learned a lot from this experience it also scared the living shit out of me. People need to realize that alcohol is dangerous and it needs to be consumed in moderation in order to not die in your sleep like I almost did. My parents still do not know about this and if they end up reading this article I just want to say I love you mom and dad.