Studying is For All


For years we’ve been taking exams and test essential to test what we have learned in school. To be honest not everyone are good test takers. Studying gives a huge advantage towards getting good grades over those who chose not to study because it’s a constant refresher on what was taught. Those who study have a better chance at passing and getting the higher grade. Don’t get me wrong some people don’t have to study but for the most part most of us do.

I’ve heard so many people say to me “ I don’t know how to study.” Not everyone studies the same and to be quite honest there are more than just one way of studying. Studying is the devoted time a person uses in order to take in knowledge and information. Some people use flash cards to test their memory others repeat it over and over until they remember. Some people even take the information they learned through out the day and transform it into a catchy song hoping to memorize what they have learned. Another way some people study is by highlighting important details in books, or even just remembering keys words that can be matched with a term.

My favorite way to study is to be in a quiet area away from everyone and just keep repeating myself over and over. I don’t try memorizing whole definitions. I only focus on the key words and the important aspects. Some people can study in groups but I cant. I feel there’s a higher chance of just socializing in study groups rather than studying a lone. I can’t be in a noisy atmosphere either. Some people can concentrate and study anywhere but if it’s loud I lose my train of thought.

I even feel like my room isn’t a good place to study. Id feel too comfortable in my room. My room is full of distractions. I advise people to go to a computer lab or a quiet section in the library because you might fall asleep in bed or watch TV. Turning your phone off or putting it on airplane mode is also a good thing to do when studying. Studying will take you farther than games on your IPhone will.

People fail test all the time and say they don’t study. Maybe that’s the reason why they are failing. If your not studying the notes you’re taking in class than how will you remember the little things that might be important on a test? Studying for half an hour to a hour everyday can be useful. Think about it! How many times do we complain we’re bored a day. The time a person is wasting being bored they could be studying and trying to be on top of your game.

I feel most people don’t study because they are being lazy. It is not because they can’t do it and that excuse is old and lame. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself I believe a person should give something their all and watch it pay off. There are so many different ways to study and there’s a way for everyone to learn. We all don’t like homework but that is also a way of studying because you are taking what you learned all day at school and applying it to the work you were given to take home. If you don’t do your homework or study how will you pass? Don’t say you don’t know how to study at least attempt it. It’s worth it!