This Can’t Be Life

This Cant Be Life

Is our purpose in life really to work a 9 to 5 job for the rest of our lives? Or is there more to life that meets the eye? I can’t imagine god creating us with the purpose to work all day to keep these large companies in business. For those who believe in evolution probably don’t believe people evolved this far just to work for someone all day and struggle to survive. Who’s says food and water aren’t free? Who voted on these things? Anything that is needed for human life to exist should be free and easily assessable.

In order to survive in today’s society your going to need to be financially stable. In order to obtain money a person must earn it. If its not given to you then you have to work for it. People work for dead end jobs all year round just to be living from check to check. This can lead to stress and depression. If your working for a minimum a waged job then you are barely affording to provide for yourself, let alone provide for a family. Everything cost money. We live in the land of the free and yet nothing seems to be free. See how ironic this is.

How can anyone really enjoy life if they working all day and not even being paid decent amounts? Now and days people love to sleep. No one likes to be productive and fun anymore. This is because people work all day and are too drained to do anything else. In most cases these people can’t afford to do anything out of their budget. Life would be better if people still used the “Bater System”. This would encourage people to learn trade, gain communication skills, and the gap between the rich and poor wouldn’t be so large as it is today.

Who’s idea was this anyways. People should be able to work the jobs they want to because they will do a better job than the people who are doing it for a paycheck. Education should be free, food should be free, medicine too, and people need to look out for one another. Some days I feel like nothing is going to be done about the way society lives it’s lives. But we can’t give up our on society. Someone has to help change it. Will it be you?