Mercy College Continues to Mourn Susan J. Gunser

Mercy College Continues to Mourn Susan J. Gunser

I remember my first health science class with Professor Susan J. Gunser.  No matter how early I got to class, she would be there already, sitting behind the desk with her hands – adorned with long fingernails crossed daintily. Prof. Gunser had a passion for healthcare, senior rights, and of course, her beloved Lion’s Club. As an educator, she had the power to discuss topics that made you analyze the system.

Great educators can always make you reflect and inspire the fight for change.

Beyond the class room, Gunser’s accomplishments were astounding. Not only was she the co-facilitator of the Women’s Breast Cancer Support Group at St. John’s Riverside Hospital, she was also a psychotherapist and worked for over 20 years as the head nurse at NYU Medical Center.  As the head of the Mercy College Lion’s Club, she devoted her time serving others and embarking on a journey to create a new generation of Lions. Gunser was also president of the Yonker’s Lion’s Club.

Susan J. Gunser passed away on Oct. 10, 2012. This is the first semester in a long time that will be without Professor Gunser. She will be missed greatly and I will be forever greatful for the knowledge she bestowned upon those lucky enough to be in prescense.

In honor of her memory donations are asked to be made to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.