10 Awesome Gadgets


Ever see something online that you just had to have? Well here is the top ten most ridiculous but must have inventions. Inventions that you can’t find any where else except the internet. Some of these products have absolutely no purpose beyond entertainment, some of them have mildly useful purposes. This is the uniquely American tradition of buying things that you don’t need, but hey it stimulates the economy right?

This list is ranked from 1. completely ridiculous – 10. mildly useful.


1.  Squriming Tentacle USB

This item serves no purpose, it does not store data. It has but ony function and that is to be a squriming tentacle, that drains you’re laptop’s power and you know what… I absolutely need to own it. Why? I don’t even have an answer, I just know I need it.


Honorable Mention: Humping Dog USB just like the tentacle it has no other function except to hump the side of your laptop.


2. Coin Sized Transmitter

Ok, this may be one of the most useful items on this list. They are coin sized stick on transmitters you can place anywhere and then you can use your cellphone to help you find your misplaced item. However if you lost your phone, than you’re out of luck.


3. Laser Tag Alarm Clock

Too lazy to press the snooze button? Well just reach under your pillow, pull out your lazy gun, aim and fire! Violia! However when you get up and aim at the clock just that action will end up waking you up and the alarm clark will have served it’s purpose.


4. Bubble Fog Machine

A machine that makes bubbles filled with fog, I don’t have any practical use for this item but I need to own it.


5. Remote Control Multi-Color Light Bulb

You can set your room color to fit your mood.


6. Grappling Hook

Alright so this one is not exactly a gadget, however it’s still pretty awesome. Why would anyone need a grappling hook you ask? Well it’s kind of like a gun it’s better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. Plus, it’s really cool and only $21.95.


7. Minecraft Torch

Minecraft is a unique video game because it’s HD and 8 bit and 3D at the same time. If you’ve ever played it you know that the pickaxe and the torch are the two most essential items in the game. Owning one in the real world is the perfect way to show you’re the ultimate minecraft fan.


8. Magnetic Light Swtich Plate

Are you always losing your keys? This gadget is cool because it’s also very practial and easy to install without interferring with your decor.


9. Cordless Charger

Nothing is more frustrating than the first moment you realize your phone isn’t going to last much longer, and soon after you realize you don’t have your charger with you, or even worse you have your charger but can’t find a reachable outlet (common problem in the library on the Dobbs Ferry campus). This is perfect for you because it’s small, cordless and therefore extremely portable. Now if only you could remember to charge the charger.


10.Pepper Spray IPhone Case

Dorming on campus can be dangerous especially walking back to your dorm at night from the parking lot. This gadget is really cool in the sense that it can protect you from crime. Let’s face it you’re probably walking with your phone anyway if someone was to surprise you having pepper spray at your fingertips may come in handy. Or if someone is just bothering you while you’re trying to text.


Honorable Mention:

For all you dormers you may be interested in this privacy tent, sharing a room with someone can get old fast so having some sort of safe haven would be really cool.