How To Make It in New York City


Krystal Johnson, Impact Staff

When I was a child I remember repeatedly telling my parents by my eighteenth birthday I would be moving out. Today I am twenty two and spending more than a weekend outside of home makes me clinch. Living in the Big Apple can be very pricy. No matter which neighborhood or borough you call home their all overly expensive. I read an article in the New York Times a few years back about a woman who rented out a closet (yes an actual closet) for $700 a month, just so that she could live near Central Park. At that moment I began doing some research just to see how expensive apartments really are; and I’ve come to the conclusion that my parents and I will be “roomies” for a lot longer than I expected. Over the years of working in different environments and meeting new people I’ve began to understand the tricks and tips New Yorkers use to make it in NYC.

First on the list is Craig list. Now I definitely wouldn’t recommend meeting anyone alone or in a location you are not familiar with however, Craig list has helped thousands of New Yorkers find affordable apartments.

Second on the list is Roommates. Nothing beats a “roomie” who’s clean, can cook and has cool friends who stop by once in a while. Rent is split between the amount of roommates which helps the ease of high rent all while not having to fear living alone.

Lastly on the list (which I personally have been using) is Lottery apartments. Now I wouldn’t compare a lottery apartment to the actual lottery because you actually have a chance of getting accepted! A lottery apartment is a low income apartment that is either rented within higher districts (ex; Columbus circle, herald square, time square) or a newly constructed building that is subjected to people with low income who pay an outrageously low amount of rent every month.

So ladies and gents there you have it. Sometimes the saying is true “It is not what you have or what you know it is who you know”. These simple tricks and tips has helped a few of my friends find their dream home and maybe you too, fingers crossed!