When Mom is Sick

When Mom is Sick

Since I became a mother, I’m more aware on how difficult this job is. I now understand my mother more than ever. I want everything perfect for my daughters. I want to feed them the best food, buy them shoes, clothes and everything they need. I try to prepare them for life, teaching them about how to have manners, be kind but mostly to follow always their dreams and heart.

I stopped worrying about myself since the first day my first daughter was born. I manage my time around them. It’s difficult to coordinate my time perfectly but I try so much to be with them and at the same time work and be a full-time student. But what happens when you are trying to be the perfect mother and you forget to be the perfect daughter? I wish my mom was closer to me because due to my crazy life I can’t dedicate much time to spend with her. I pressure myself on finishing school soon to have that extra time to visit her more often. Like a month and a half ago, my mom has been going to the doctor because she had an anxiety/stress attack. There’s nothing I wish more than be able to be with her in every doctor’s appointment, follow all the instructions the doctor sends her and take good care of her, just like she used to take care of me. But how do I do it? How do I balance all my life to be helpful to my mom? How can I deal with all my responsibilities of me being a mother and take care of my mom that needs me too?

When we are young and immature, we don’t worry about our parents and their feelings. We just care about our life because there’s nothing more important than friends and our stupid dramas.

A lot of adults won’t ever get to being mature. They will always think that their parents are supposed to be there for them always. Parents are supposed to help you solve your problems, give you advice and sometimes even help you financially. But, when are going to give back a little bit? Don’t you think they deserve that love back from you?

Just as you get tired, your parents do too. In my case just my mom. She is a single mother and she always was. Even though my grandmother was always there to support her, how did my mom did it? I think my mom dedicated herself so much to her kids that she still thinking we need so much from her.

My brother and sister are big enough to help her in every way, but she still looks at them like little kids. That’s why she is so stressed because she is carrying the same stress for over 27 years. When parents are too good, their kids tend to be ungrateful. Kids don’t appreciate parents when they know that their parents are like “genies in a bottle”, every single wish they turn it true.

If you have wonderful parents, as I have my mom, let them know you are thankful for what they offer. If you do not have something to thank them for, then when you become a parent don’t make the same mistakes and be the type of parent you would’ve liked to have. If you think your parents annoy you so much, trust me, one day they won’t be there and then you’ll realize they were just trying to do what was best for you.

So, what do you do when your mom is sick, and you have other responsibilities? Well you can call her every time you can, let her know you are checking on her. It’s never too late to start showing your mom  or parents how thankful you are for having them. When you have the opportunity, go see your mom, help her with anything she needs, cook for her, invite her to a special place and she will be the happiest person on earth. Mothers don’t care about your money or material gifts. What moms and dads love is the attention you put on them. Parents want the same attention they have for you.

Be respectful with them, love them, and never stop thanking them for what they give you. You probably will never find out how or what they did just to keep you happy.