Play and Script: Your Eyes Were Closed When I First Saw You.



Frank (My Father)

Lorrie (My Mother)

Kathy (My Mother’s Best Childhood Friend)

Tommy (My Father’s Friend)

Scene I:

Setting –  8:10 a.m. on Thursday on the Metro North Train to Grand Central Station. Frank takes a seat across from Lorrie and Kathy.

Frank: Hi there, I’m Frank.

Kathy: Hi Frank, I’m Kathy.

Lorrie: Oh, hello.

(Lorrie closes her eyes to get some more sleep.

That was her usual morning routine.)

Frank: Did you happen to see the W.C. Fields special on T.V. last night?

Kathy: Actually I did, I love W.C. Fields.

Frank: I do too, the show was great. He is so very funny.

Frank: Lorrie, did you see it by any chance?

Lorrie: (opening her eyes for just a second to answer the

question and nods back off) No, I was out late last night and that is

why I am extremely tired this morning.

(Frank and Kathy talk about the W.C. Fields special for the

next 20 minutes. It is surprising that they both watched it. Five minutes before arrival at Grand Central,

Lorrie wakes up.)

Frank: Where do you girls both work?

Kathy: I work as a secretary one block from Grand Central.

Lorrie: I work as a secretary as well but for a different company called ITT, two blocks from Grand Central on Park Avenue.

Frank: I am doing an internship at Price Waterhouse and I also

go to Iona College in New Rochelle. Excuse me, what train do you take home in the evening?

Kathy: We catch the 5:20 p.m. train.

Frank: All right then, I’ll see you later at 5:20 p.m.

Kathy:  Sounds good, bye.

Lorrie:  Sure, okay later.

Scene II:

Setting –  Entrance to Track #__ at 5:20 p.m. on Metro North Train from Grand Central and stopping at Mount Vernon and New Rochelle.

Lorrie: (running to catch train and sees Frank)

Oh, hello there Frank.

Frank: (standing at entrance to track) Hi Lorrie, I was really

hoping that I would see you tonight.

Lorrie: Hurry, we are just going to make the train.

Frank: Can I sit with you?

Lorrie: Yes, if we can find a seat together.

Frank: Where’s Kathy?

Lorrie: She is meeting some friends in the city and she will be

catching a later train.

(Lorrie and Frank find a seat together.

Frank sees his friend Tommy across the aisle. Frank always ran into people everywhere he went that he knew.)

Frank: Hi, Tommy. I haven’t seen you in awhile, how are you?

Tommy: Great!  Frank, what is up for this weekend?

Frank: I am going to Richie’s wedding; it’s going to be great.  Everyone will be there and it will be nice to see many of ours friends again that we have not seen in awhile.

Tommy: Enjoy the wedding. Guess what I am getting married this Sunday too!

Frank: Wow, that’s great. I wish you all the best. Do I know your fiancé?

Tommy: No. Anyway, I am very excited to be getting married.

Frank: Congratulations! Well, you know that I just broke up with Laurie Ward.  Tommy, this is Lorrie Sisco, I just met her on the train this morning and we started talking.

Tommy: Hi, Lorrie, nice to meet you.

Lorrie: Hi, Tommy, nice to meet you as well.

(Frank turns to Lorrie and asks her a question.)

Frank: One of my best friends is getting married this weekend.

It’s going to be a really fun wedding.  Would you like to go with me?

Lorrie: Yes, sounds nice. But we hardly know each other.  Why don’t

you come over to my apartment later tonight around 8 p.m.  Kathy will be home then also.  I’ll give you my address and telephone number.

Frank: Great, I will even bring some wine for us to enjoy.

Lorrie: (giving Frank a piece of paper) Here is my address and

phone number.  Alright now, this is my stop.  I’ll see you tonight, Frank.  Bye, Tommy, maybe I’ll see you at the wedding.

(Frank, gets off train.  Goes home – he lives with hisparents in New Rochelle and tells his mom:  today, I met the girl I’m going to marry.Frank was very excited!)

Scene III:

(Frank goes over to Lorrie’s apartment in Mount Vernon at 8 pm for their first date after work and after having dinner already. Kathy lives with Lorrie but she was in the bedroom so Frank and Lorrie could have some privacy.)

Frank: (rings apartment door bell) Lorrie, I brought some wine. I hope it is a good one that you will like.

Lorrie: That is very sweet of you Frank.

Frank: Is Kathy home tonight?

Lorrie: Yes, she is but she is in the bedroom to leave us to ourselves. Wait, here she is to say hello. (Kathy comes out of the bedroom for a second to show her face.)

Kathy: Hi there, Frank.

Frank: Nice to see you again Kathy.

Kathy: Same here. Alright, I just wanted to say hello but I will leave you two alone. I do not want to interrupt anything. (Kathy Scoots back into the bedroom.)

Frank: Lorrie, you look very pretty tonight. I am glad that you invited me to see you.

Lorrie: Frank, I am glad to have you here. I hope my place is not a mess.

Frank: Actually, I like the way you have your place decorated.

Lorrie: We can sit on the coach. Make yourself comfortable. Frank, did you find my apartment easily? You did not get lost, right?

Frank: Getting here was no problem. I know this area well because my grandmother, Nonnie, lives in Mount Vernon just a few blocks away.

Lorrie: Oh you did. Are you very close with your grandmother?

Frank: Yes we are very close because when I was growing up we spent a lot of time together since we lived in the upstairs part of her house. My Nonnie is an amazing person.

Lorrie: How nice. You must have some great family memories.

Frank: I do. Nonnie loves singing all the many songs she knew from her childhood. She has a composition book where she wrote all the lyrics to the songs in. That book is very special and a joy to read through.

Lorrie: I bet your Nonnie has a beautiful voice.

Frank: She does. Nonnie is an excellent Italian cook as well. I loved eating Sunday dinners with the family growing up because everyone would be there.

Lorrie: Sounds like your family is pretty great.

Frank: Lorrie, were you close with your grandmother?

Lorrie: Yes, but not as close as you are it seems. (Lorrie was trying hard to be interested in everything that he was telling her about his Nonnie.)

Frank: Nonnie, has four grandchildren. My younger brother Robert and my two cousins Joseph and Deborah. But I think that I am her favorite. (Frank said the last part in a playing around manner.)

Lorrie: I am sure that she loves you very much.

Frank: There is nothing that I cannot share with her. I tell my Nonnie everything and she loves to listen to me.

(Frank and Lorrie’s date lasted until 11 pm and Frank went on for almost the entire three hours talking about his relationship with his grandmother, Nonnie.)

Scene IV:

(The next morning Kathy was eager to know all about how Lorrie’s date went.)

Kathy: So, how did your date go with Frank?

Lorrie: It was nice getting to know him.

Kathy: Lorrie so tell me, do you like him?

Lorrie:  Well, for the most part yes and he must be a pretty decent guy since he mostly talked about his grandmother, Nonnie, the entire time he was here. He really loves his Nonnie and sure had an awful lot to tell me about her.

Kathy: I see. So you are still going to the wedding with him?

Lorrie: Yeah and I will be meeting his parents on that day as well. He is picking me up at 4 pm to meet his parents before we head to the wedding. He said that he cannot wait for his parents to see me.

Kathy: That is great. I sure hope you like them but I know that they are going to love you. So Lorrie, you had a nice time last night?

Lorrie: Yeah, he is a good conversationalist but we will see what happens at the wedding.

(The rest is history because my parents have been married for 39 years now and they got married on Friday the 13th so that day is actually a lucky day for me. At the wedding, Lorrie got to see the fun-loving side of Frank and the two of them danced all night and had an excellent time, which lead to many more excellent times together. )