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Is Julian Edelman a Hall of Famer?

Is Julian Edelman a Hall of Famer?
No, but his career brings with it an interesting question.
February 8, 2019
After capturing Super Bowl LIII MVP honors, Julian Edelman's career now beckons the question; Does he belong in the Hall of Fame?

#MinnieHOF: The Tale of Minnie Miñoso

via DNAinfo
Let's look at the story of one of baseball's most underrated, underappreciated, and interesting players ever.
December 11, 2017

The Baseball Hall of Fame is an interesting place; on one hand, Cooperstown is supposed to honor the greatest to ever grace a baseball diamond, yet if you do something that is seen as “immoral” to...

All- Time Baseball Lineup

All- Time Baseball Lineup
November 7, 2012

Previously, I posted a top-10 list for the greatest baseball players of all time. Obviously, many qualified candidates were kept off because the list was a mix of pitchers and hitters. A fairer representation...

The End Gets Closer

The End Gets Closer
May 4, 2012

Yesterday I found out that Santa wasn't real, that the tooth fairy was a fraud, and that the Easter Bunny was invented. I discovered that Superman actually does have a weakness. I saw...

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