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The Impact

The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

The Impact

The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

The Impact


By Ashley Neff

A renovated library, a more inviting Hudson View Café, and many other amenities were the outcome of the three large grants Mercy received this year to renovate the campus.

With Maher Hall, Mahoney Hall, Mercy Hall, the library, the Hudson View Café and the exterior of the campus, Mercy utilized these grants thoroughly. That’s not including what viewers cannot see, notably the interior repairs and structure of the buildings.

With updated heating and air conditioning units, energy efficient windows, electric, plumbing, and updated classrooms complete with new carpets and furniture, Mercy set off the beginning of the school year with impressive glances from returning students.

“Most people say ‘why not tear down and rebuild’? That costs a lot of money, and it was unneeded in most cases,” Cline stated to the Impact. “As long as there is a solid structure, anything can be repaired.”

The refurbished campus is drawing a lot of attention from the newer students.

“It looks very clean and put together,” said transfer sophomore Amy Resigno. “You can tell the school’s trying to improve its standards.”

In addition to the updated classrooms and the list of other improvements, computers were added to Mercy Hall and the Hudson View Café in hopes of speeding up the registration process as well as FAFSA and Financial Aid forms.

“When we looked at what had to be done, we thought, ‘how will this better support the students needs?'” said Joe Schaefer, Mercy’s Chief Operating Officer.

Interestingly enough, the upgrades to Hudson View Café cost about $25,000 as compared to the $150,000 spent three years ago. This year’s renovation were said to be more effective than the previous one.

The $3.5 million grant Mercy received from Title 5, which helps eligible institutions improve and increase their ability to serve Hispanic and low-income students, went to the improvement of the library. Just over $2 million were spent on the renovations.

The Research Infrastructure in Minority Institutions grant, RIMI, went to the classroom upgrades, like furniture, boards, labs and computers. The third grant, New York State Higher Education Capital Matching Grant Program (HECap), went to “a variety of places,” according to Cline.

Mercy received approximately $3.5 million with $1.5 million left to spend.

“The HECap Grant went to the campus both externally and more importantly internally,” said Schaefer. “We do plan on doing more upgrades.”

Building improvements, technology upgrades, and a new dorm building are possible potential targets.

Cline added that the renovations were focused toward Mercy’s future.

“It’s about Mercy forever. This administration is concerned with Mercy now, and what’s going to happen with Mercy 30 years from now.”

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