Mercy Dorms Looking For New RAs

By John Ceravino

Mercy College will be saying goodbye to all four of its Residential Assistants at the end of this semester as all will be graduating this fall.

“It’s sad, but at the same time I am very proud of them and I am sure they will go on to do great things,” said Dean of Student Affairs, Irene Delgado. “They are four of the best we have ever had.”

Chioma Egbuchunam is one of those four, and she is grateful for the experience she had.

“I learned so many things that I know will be of great value to me for the rest of my life,” said Egbuchunam, “I have met so many wonderful people over the semesters.”

Next semester, there will be four new RAs as applications are being accepted now. There are “stringent requirements to apply” because it is such a crucial responsibility. The student at least must be in their sophomore year and have a GPA of 3.0 or above.

“This is just like a full-time job. When you are off duty, you are expected to be available,” said Delgado. “It is a very crucial position.”

Applications are available in the residential life office. Along with the application, students are expected to answer four essay questions and hand in three letters of recommendation. The essays are to gauge the students’ “philosophy of how they see the world.”

There are certain advantages that come along with this great responsibility. Room costs are covered and an RA is often part of the events that are held at Mercy.

They also would be asked to speak to board members on behalf of the students.

“This is really a great opportunity. It is the perfect way to establish a platform for further success.”

There will also be a new face to guide next semester’s RAs. Matt Movrigaru is one of the many new Pact counselors that are lending a hand at Mercy College. He will be working closely with Delgado, Masele Kibassa and all of the new RAs.

“I am very excited to help out here. I am learning the ropes right now, and everyone I have met has been great,” said Movrigaru.

His current office hours are Monday through Friday, 1- 5 p.m. on the Residential Life Office. He is now preparing for next year’s incoming freshman class