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The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

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The Award Winning News Publication of Mercy College

The Impact

‘Tis The Season To Be Bargain Hunting For Holiday Gifts

By Ashley Neff

Even though we are supposedly out of the recession, people’s mindsets are still on super sales and coupons this holiday season. The holidays are just around the corner so one piece of advice; grab what you want, when you see it.

Thousands of people are still unemployed, so there will be no rush for any huge shopping sprees this year. According to, retail experts say that procrastinators will miss the best deals or products when they are ready to buy. The big buzz this year is buying early and spreading out your purchases, so there is not one huge debit on your credit card.

The notorious Black Friday, one of the craziest shopping days of the year, was considered a success in early hours but waivered as the day went on. Even though retailers were hoping to sell as many products as possible, they were not willing to put everything on sale just to benefit their consumers. Their companies are struggling as well. However, the stores opened much earlier than ever.

On the retail end of the spectrum, many experts are saying that stores will not have huge blowout sales this season like in the past. Stores like Aeropostale who are infamous for having a 50-70 percent off sale every year, are claiming not to have blowouts this year. For those who cannot stand the Black Friday hysteria, and go out the Saturday after, they did not receive the usual 50 percent off sales right after Black Friday either. Retailers are claiming to go back to the normal prices as soon as possible.

Bargain hunting is the easiest route this year, but make sure to do your shopping early and not leave everything for the last minute.

“I go shopping the Saturday after Black Friday every year, and I always find a good sale,” Says Mercy sophomore Erin Wexler.

This year may not bring the same results though, according to retail experts from CNN money.

Even right after the holiday season, retailers are considering throwing the newest spring trends on the racks. “We’ve heard rumors that some teen-focused retailers may bring in spring products by mid-December,” said Craig Johnson, president of retail consulting group Customer Growth Partners.

It is beginning to look like this year’s choices of popular gifts may be back to the traditional DVD, sweater or gift card. But, for those scrounging for a quick, cheap present, the ones on the bottom of the holiday list may be looking at a tin of home baked cookies.

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