Kadashian’s divorce by Magaritta Acheampong

People from all over the world of different ages wake up thinking about what is going on with Kim kadashian and her marriage. A lot of people doubted the marriage wasn’t going to last because of they didn’t get to know each other from beginning and rushed into big things even though they were love. This divorce has made its publicity and has become the major rumor and undivided attention to their fans and even people who are not even fun of them.

She never gave the marriage a chance. She got married for the attention, and now she divorcing him for the attention.

I think Kim did get married for the $$/publicity. She may have liked him and liked the relationship at first and then got into the madness of 18 million for a Wedding Special. Everyone that watches Keeping Up with the Kardashians notices that Kim is obsessed with her money/things, not people. I think Kris was blind-sided and really did care about Kim. He is from MN. In MN men act like that. They aren’t over zealous movie star wannabes like the other Kardashian spouses.

If she knew that she wasn’t going to stay married, she should have never got married in the first place. Also she wasted all that money and i don’t care if she has all the money in the world that was a waist of money, time, effort and love (Kris Humphries. I’m pretty sure Kim is not the only person who has done something stupid like this. Its just because she is famous but if this were a non-famous person no one would care. She needs to get her life together before ruining someone else’s..that is all.

Now her ex husband is about to sew her and she’s now engaging her time to charity.