African Loves

I Just thought  I would share a few things about Africa ,my beloved continent, to  many  outsiders, Africa has  simply belonged in the travel magazines, in newspaper headlines ,on TV with grotesque images of war and conflict, but it is much more than that with  its  beautiful  weather ,beautiful  scenery  and  beautiful  people. .For one to understand Africa and its history and tragedies and experience its beauty one must visit Africa ,come  and go on safari ,Africa’s most  famous expedition with endless plains and abundant wildlife, an exhilarating experience, cruise the Nile and view the ancient temples and rural villages while rifting along the longest river in Africa in the world, climb Kilimanjaro Africa’s tallest mountain, enjoy the sun on Africa’s  beautiful  beaches  especially  in  Zanzibar, meet  the  masai  of  Kenya ,the  Resilient  African tribe  with a fascinating culture rich  in color and accented with jewellery,raft the Zambezi river, explore  the  rainforest  in Madagascar, spot whales in south Africa, climb the Ruwenzori  mountains in Uganda, this is what makes Africa the most beautiful place this is the Africa they don’t show you.

Africa is the world’s second-largest and second most-populous continent, after Asia. The continent is surrounded by the Mediterranean sea to the north, both the Suez canal  and the Red sea along the sinai peninsula  to the northeast, the Indian ocean to the southeast, and the Atlantic ocean to the west. The continent has 54 sovereign states including Madagascar and various island groups Africa, particularly central eastern Africa is widely regarded within the scientific community to be the origin of humans and the hominid clade, as evidenced by the discovery of the earliest hominids and their ancestors. I feel so Blessed to have been born in Africa to call this lovely beautiful continent home. but with all its beauty it has its heavy problems. with all its abundant natural recourses Africa is  the poorest, most underdeveloped  continent largely due to the spread of deadly diseases malaria, AIDS, high levels of illiteracy, lack of access to foreign capital, corrupt governments that have committed serious human rights violations.

it’s sad with all its potential it has not been utilized I look forward to the day when we as a continent can live up to our full potential, get better education systems, safe water or everyone, eradication of malaria, availability of AIDS drugs, get rid of poverty, malnutrition, and poor health that affects a large proportion of Africans, get enough foreign capital, get rid of greedy dictators who more than anything have ruined our continent.