Be Careful Who You Select To Be In Your Circle by: Krista Summerville

My mother once told me that by the time i graduate college I will be  able to count the number of friends that I have on one hand. And that  you don’t need that many friends to be happy.


Well I am 20 now,  and I have already reached that five finger mark. The odd thing is that  two to three years ago, I could have used my fingers, toes plus more to  count the number of friends I THOUGHT I had.


As I have gotten older, and maybe a wiser, my mother’s words of wisdom has proven itself to be right.


A few years back I decided to give my life a makeover. I realized I  wanted so much out of my life, and I was ready to go for it. I moved to  Chicago for two years to obtain my Associate degree and after my  Associates i wanted to move to New York to get my Bachelors degree.


While restructuring my lifestyle, it became apparent to me that I would also have to re-think the friends I kept.


Now  we all have friends that may annoy us, drive us crazy or just do things  we completely don’t understand. But there are some friends who really  can be too toxic for our lives and hold us back if we aren’t careful.  Below is a list of “types” that I found myself saying sayonara to.








Don’t  let people like this bring you, your family, or your future down with  them. Be particular when you choose friends and who you want to hang out  with.


Believe it or not your friends reflect who you are!