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What’s worse, a child molester or an internet hacker? I would say a child molester. But based on what I’ve seen America considers internet hackers to be more important to keep in jail.


Why do I say this? Well as a reader of, I came across an article on the Scarlett Johansson leaked nude pictures. Before I get into that, I have to say, if you took the nude photos then you obviously wanted some kind of attention. I firmly believe that Scarlett Johansson is a huge attention whore (excuse my language). I’m not her biggest fan as you can already tell.


Back to her situation, (that she got herself into). The man reportedly accused of leaking her photos is facing up to 121 years in prison. The court is also accusing him of hacking into 50 other celebrity accounts including Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera.


It’s obvious that he should not have done that, but it’s also clear that celebrities have no privacy. If celebrities do not want anything private to leak out, don’t put the information on any type of electronic device. It’s partially their fault.


Another thing I want to point out about Scarlett Johansson. We have ALL seen her naked already in movies; He’s Just Not That Into You and The Other Boleyn Girl just to name a couple of movies. Based on her leaked photos, she looked ten times better in the movies then in her photos. Not impressed by them.

Now, the man being accused for leaking the photos is facing 121 years in prison, like I said before. Tell me why if convicted, he will have to endure that sentence while a child molester only gets an estimate of 22 years in prison?

In 2010, a man who confessed to molesting his girlfriend’s daughter was sentenced to 16 years in prison. He ruined a little’s girl life. That poor girl is going to be traumatized for the rest of her life and that bastard (excuse my language again) only gets 16 years!

In March 2011, a man is sentenced to 30 years in prison for molesting a Vietnamese girl, when she was 5. Only now he was convicted even though it happened years ago. He was able to escape prison until March.

Why is it that these men and many more like it only get a few years in prison but a man who hacked into an email is facing life in prison? Does anyone else see something wrong with this situation?

The United States cares more about the feelings and lives of celebrities then the ordinary people.  It’s a shame and just adds more reason to why I don’t watch or read the news often. Society makes me sick