Jenna Inzitari Blog #1: Steve Jobs

On October 5th, 2011, Steve Jobs passed away.  Some did not even know who he was, and some know him as the co-founder and CEO of Apple Incorporated.

Jobs passed away due to a battle with “advanced pancreatic cancer”.

I logged onto Facebook the day that it happened and saw about a million statuses saying “RIP Steve Jobs” and even one saying “iRIP Steve” (a play on the “i” that is before almost all Apple product names).  Honestly, I was shocked.  I mean, I knew that he was battling some sort of sickness.  Previously on the news there was something about him taking a leave, for some sort of sickness, however I did not think, or know for that matter, it was as serious as cancer.  I saw one status and I immediately thought it was some sort of joke.

Some say that he was a legend.  I am one of them.  I find it funny that people claim it is stupid putting statuses up saying “RIP Steve” because the people who post them don’t know him personally.   Or because they have a PC and they want to keep the rivalry between two companies going (at least in their minds).  But so what?  The majority of things that people use today in terms of technology are iPods, cell phones, and computers.  As a college student and a teenager growing up in this technological era I can say that almost every one of my friends, no matter if they have a PC or a Mac computer, have or have had an iPod.  Just because I didn’t know Steve Jobs personally, does not mean that I should not feel obligated to show my respect for the man (even with a Facebook status).  Sure there is always going to be competition in terms of Microsoft and Apple, but why should there be a debate over who is more legendary.  They both are legendary people, and if one happens to pass away, it is going to be upsetting.

No matter what people say.  Steve Jobs has changed the view of technology for many people all over the world.  Many of his ideas and designs have influenced and forced other companies to compete with Apple and to try to match up to the unique ideas and products that they created.  I hope people appreciate all that he has done for our technological world and understand that even though he is now dead his ideas will definitely live on with us.  He was definitely someone who tried to connect the world in a different way.